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2017 Top Podcasts I Love

Although I’ve listened to podcasts before, I started having shorter commutes and fell out of love with them. Although they’re great to listen to as a way to pass time, I discovered that listening to them with meaning is so much better. I recently started listening to podcasts again a few months ago and have been listening to them religiously. Every morning, I get up and start my morning routine. While making breakfast, I turn on the computer and listen to my podcasts. To me, there’s no better way to start my morning routine.

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My 2017 Top Podcasts

I wanted to name this post: 2017 Top Podcasts, but that’s highly subjective. So instead, I thought I’d name some great podcasts that have either given my life more value or has helped me get through a tough work day. Don’t get me wrong though, the world of podcasts isn’t just about self-improvement. There’s entertainment in the mix too!

2017 Top Podcasts Anna Faris is Unqualified

Anna Faris is Unqualified – I didn’t start listening to this until this year and when I did, all I did was listen to the podcast day and night in order to catch up (talked about in my March Favourites!). Unfamiliar with Anna behind the screen, I found her equally as hilarious as her on screen counterparts. On Unqualified, Faris interviews different guests while also playing games with them (like Deal breaker!) and answering phone calls from strangers while giving unqualified advice. Sim Sarna is also on the show and together, they both give great (but unqualified) advice to many of the callers.

2017 Top Podcasts My Favorite Murder MFM

My Favorite Murder – Although the name sounds a little suspect, trust me when I say this podcast is catchy. I’ve always been intrigued by crime and murders, but listening to too many stories can make you a little jumpy. If you’re interested in a little bit of dark, twisted humour in an effort to alleviate the heavy subject, then this is the podcast for you. On MFM, Karen and Georgia read hometown murders from fellow Murderinos as well as talk about past murders that have happened around the globe.

2017 Podcasts The Minimalists Podcast

The Minimalists – After reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo (in my March Favourites!), I realized I owned a lot of things that definitely were not bringing me joy. All of these items were in fact making me anxious. I was suffocating with stuff. I started listening to The Minimalists in an effort to expand my knowledge on living with less. Although highly repetitive, I do find that it helps with reaffirming that more isn’t always better.

2017 Podcasts Tiny Leaps Big Changes Mindfulness

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes – I stumbled upon this podcast when I was looking for inspiring podcasts to listen to. They’re only a few minutes long, but has great advice on anxiety, stress, motivation as well as procrastination. In terms of bettering yourself, Gregg Clunis has great tips at the end of each podcast that you can follow to make small improvements in your life, leading to big changes.

2017 Podcasts Stuff You Should Know Knowledge Education Podcast

Stuff You Should Know – This podcast is really great at explaining important aspects of life that you may not know about, but should. I love gaining knowledge and I’m always learning, so this podcast is a great staple in my daily routine. Everything from animals, to politics to even why lefties exist… this is the Stuff You Should Know.

Do you have any favourite podcasts to add? I’d love to know what you listen to!