2017 Wedding Cake Trends

When planning for a wedding, choosing a cake is the most fun part of the process. You can taste different varieties while also showing your creativity in designing a cake that shows off your personalities. One of the prettiest ceremony centerpieces, it also helps to tie your theme together.

Wedding Cupcake centerpiece fall rustic glam

Cakes are one of the first things that most guests notice when they enter the main room and why some people tend to splurge on extravagant cakes: elaborate multi-tiered masterpieces with intricate hand-painted details and realistic looking sugar flowers. Luckily, what’s trending for 2017 is actually the opposite! Simple, natural looking cakes are what’s in. Rustic, garden inspired cakes that are minimalist with textured buttercream will help bring down costs as opposed to the detailed labour intensive sugar flower laden cakes that once were.

Minimalist Rustic Wedding Cake

Naked Cakes

Having a more simplified cake design looks more inviting to eat while also giving it a more earthy, natural theme. Minimal icing on the sides and real florals make it look rustic and put together while not looking overdone.

Rustic Naked Wedding Cake

One-Tiered Cakes

Since many venues offer dessert buffets, it’s getting less and less popular to have huge cakes at a wedding… especially if your catering already includes dessert! If you want a more simplistic design, don’t be afraid to decorate with macarons, chocolate drizzles, flowers and meringues.

Wedding Cake 1 Tier Single Simple Rustic

What I find great about this trend is that a small cake is definitely a more affordable choice than an extravagant cake. Simplicity is beautiful in every way.

Macaron Wedding Cake

What’s your favourite cake style for 2017?