7 Fun Things to do in Autumn

Every year when it gets cold again, my friends and I complain that there’s never anything to do. That’s when I started to think of different activities that we can all have fun doing, but only in the season of Autumn! It’s only here for 3 months, so let’s make the most of it! I love Autumn since it gets just a little bit cooler and the air just slightly more crisp; doesn’t hurt that my birthday often falls on the first day of Autumn either! Looking for fun things to do in fall just got easier…

Autumn leaves gradient in fall

Pumpkin Patch in fall1. Go visit a pumpkin patch

When was the last time you went to a pumpkin patch? I haven’t been exploring in a proper farm in so long, probably since my elementary school days! Go hunt for your perfect pumpkin, it’s a great photo opportunity even if you’re not going to take any home!


2. Jump in a pile of leavesjumping in leaves during fall fun

Jumping into a gigantic pile of crisp leaves was probably my single most fun thing I loved doing as a child! I would help rake the leaves as neatly as I could and then jump and do it all over again!


Apple Picking in fall3. Pick apples at your local orchard

Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted a birthday party at an apple orchard. Unfortunately there were hardly ever any apples ready for harvest! No need to wait for a special occasion though, apple picking is so popular and pick-your-own is always super fun with friends!


4. Make your Halloween costume!Halloween jack-o-lantern dark fall

Getting creative with your Halloween costume is always the best way to make new friends at parties! Think of what you can come up with either by yourself when going solo to a party or a group costume that you and your friends or significant other are able to create together!

cute Cozy pug puppy in blanket fall5. Stay cozy!

Who needs the excuse of weather to snuggle? Stay indoors and stay warm this season! Catch up on all of your favourite new fall shows on Netflix or watch a new movie that you haven’t yet seen! There’s no better way to spend the chilly season indoors while sipping on a nice cup of hot tea and watching your favourite shows!


6. Craft with spiceschai tea spices in fall

I once made an orange with several cloves embedded into it at school and I remember it lasting for ages until it finally withered away! It smelled amazing and always reminds me of the holiday season. It’s a great craft to decorate your home or to make with kids!


Apple pie preparation filling in fall7. Bake an apple pie!

It might take a bit of extra work, but that’s the fun of baking! Round up a few extra people to help and the reward will definitely be worth the extra effort.