9 Top Songs to Listen to While Working

When I’m working on an important project or need to get in the zone, I turn to these songs. These are 9 of my top songs to listen to while working:

  1. Moments – Tove Lo

    This song is super smooth and has the right beat that energizes you.

  2. Slow Peels – Com Truise (instrumental song)

    A play on the famous actor’s name, this band has an 80’s pop feel with synthesizers and free spirited rhythm.

  3. At The End Of The Day – Amon Tobin (instrumental song)

    Not sure how to describe this song, but to me… it sounds like an epic medieval James Bond battle (complete with swords).

  4. Paradise Circus – Massive Attack

    The steady beat of this song complete with soft lyrics helps to relax and soothe while you’re steadily writing and trying to get in tune with your creative side.

  5. Coconut Water – Milk & Bone

    I loved this song a few years ago and put it on repeat during the summertime. This is an awesome song to throw on a mix for a trip to the beach. For me, I like to throw this in my playlist when I need to relax and concentrate on the task at hand while giving my brain a break.

  6. Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads

    I love 80’s songs and this is the song that I like to put on when I need motivation. Listening to the lyrics helps to put things in perspective and

  7. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

    My pump up exam song since 9th grade. A classic. I like to play this before studying to help me get motivated and ready for whatever material I need to study!

  8. Gold – Kiiara

    When I’m fully concentrated and working, the beat of the song helps me to type whatever I have on my mind and creates an easier way to create a transcript. I don’t necessarily listen to the songs that are playing when I am full concentrated and working. This cool beat helps me to keep my fingers typing.

  9. Without You – Lapalux

    A lot of the music I like are found randomly while roaming the internet and this was one of them. The mellow tune of this song helps me to stay productive even when it’s 2am in the morning and I still have half my essay to finish.

These are my 9 top songs to listen to while working. Productivity ties a lot with background music for me and I hope that these songs help you too! If not, they make for some pretty nice beats on your playlist.

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