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Les Soins de Jacynthe Skincare Review

Lately, I've been wanting to refresh my skincare and beauty by looking at more green beauty options. Without any chemicals or artificial preservatives, Les Soins de Jacynthe is 100% natural and contains active products are found in nature from plants and flowers. Not tested on animals and cruelty-free, Les Soins de Jacynthe is a line founded by Jacynthe René that's devoted to help improve your beauty routine while also eliminating any unnecessary chemicals in your life. If you want a little history on my skin, check out My Skin Story. Les Soins de Jacynthe Skincare Review
Smooth Wax Bar coupon code cheap

Smooth Wax Bar Review + Discount!

Usually in the dead of winter, people get lazier than normal and fall out of their regular routines. I'm definitely one of them! I visited Smooth Wax Bar last week and I'm so thankful I did. At first, I was worried that the waxing would hurt as I'm more of a DIY kinda gal and have only experienced at-home waxing kits (they hurt!). But to my surprise, my full leg wax treatment was actually around 80% less pain than using wax strips from the drugstore, I kid you not! Keep reading and you'll be rewarded with a special 25% coupon code to use in-store! ? Smooth Wax Bar discount coupon Jennybeaned
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Luxe Shopping: Saks Canada

If you haven't heard already, Saks Fifth Avenue is now in Canada! Saks has had a rich history since 1867 and was acquired by The Hudson's Bay Company in 2013. It was a pretty exciting retail launch in Canadian history. With the luxe gold details and mannequins donning high-end fashion, it was every bit magical. I walked through the opening of Saks Canada and their first flagship store at the Toronto Eatons Centre and it was spectacular! Saks Canada information
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Valentine’s Date Night Look 3 Ways

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! If you need some inspiration for your Valentine's Date Night Look, I got you covered girl! Whether you're going out to a movie or fancy restaurant, looking good makes us feel good by giving us a boost of confidence. I came up with three different ideas for a great Valentine's Date Night Look. Something for the girl that always goes glam, the classic, as well as the natural girl. These looks all feature makeup, clothing as well as accessories to compliment the evening look.
H&M Beauty makeup overview eyeshadow blush lipstick nail polish

H&M Beauty Overview

Have you heard? H&M Beauty is now in stores. And they're all affordable. Is this for real?! YES! With products in every line from nail polish to eye liner and prices from $7.99, $12.99 and $14.99, there's something for everyone while still staying on budget enough to get that latte you've been craving! So, now that we've established they're great for our wallet... are they just another cheap makeup brand we're going to toss aside? Luckily, I've done all of the hard work for you...
Cat Smiley Canadian cookbook Planet Friendly Diet

The Planet Friendly Diet – Cat Smiley

It's the new year and everyone wants to get healthy! I recently received a copy of The Planet Friendly Diet by Cat Smiley ($29.95 CAD & USD). which is a book that features some cool tips to get healthy while also staying on a budget. I love to cook and really enjoyed testing out some of the recipes found in here. These fresh recipes are easy to make and super handy when you're not able to think creatively as there is a daily guide as to what to eat and how large your portions are. One of my favourite recipes within the book was the Baked Tilapia and I never knew that cooking with fish was so easy! Baked Tilapia recipe Cat Smiley Diet Cookbook
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Why Healthy Eating is Good For You

You hear about it all the time and definitely know that you should... "Healthy eating is so important, healthy eating is amazing..." But sometimes you just want a nice burger or some fried chicken. Amirite?! Don't lie... Seriously though, we all want burgers. Honestly speaking, I went from eating straight up junk food every day to eating healthy in little to no time. It's so important for you to treat your body right and here's why you need to cut some of that grease out of your life!

THEFACESHOP Holiday Look + Review

I love the holiday season and sometimes getting ready is just as much fun as going to parties! I had the lovely opportunity to review some THEFACESHOP goodies for you all to try out for your holiday parties! Have you beauties tried THEFACESHOP? Do you have any favourites? I know I do now!! THEFACESHOP makeup beauty review, the face shop make up review, THEFACESHOP Canada makeup review, THEFACESHOP holiday makeup review, THEFACESHOP makeup eyeliner eyeshadow mascara review, THEFACESHOP makeup review, Canada Beauty blogger THEFACESHOP

Tyra Beauty Haul + Neutral Look ft. Makeup Eraser

I received some fab products courtesy of Patricia (@CEOTricia on all social media platforms). Today I'm featuring 4 products from the Tyra Beauty line as well as the amazing Makeup Eraser! If you haven't heard of the Tyra Beauty line, Tyra Banks has a new venture: beauty products! Her makeup line will help you look your most confident as well as perfect your smize. With cute names like Eyes in a Stick to Oops Liner (which features a corrector for your liquid liner!), these products will keep you happy while you're getting ready.