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bedface Review

Let's talk beds, shall we? When you get to a hotel... somehow their bed is so much more luxurious than home, right? That's because their bedding is top notch. Before bedface, I never knew just how important a good night's sleep with good sheets were! (Tips for good sleep in another blog post here!) After trying out the bedface sheets, I knew I needed to let you guys know all about this company. And while we're on the topic of getting real... let's be honest here, when I first got contacted by bedface, I thought that it was just going to be more bedding in my closet that I would have no idea how to fold. (Seriously, what's the deal with fitted sheets?!) Strangely enough, this experience made me appreciate different types of linen and I'm super excited to share the best damn sheets on the internet with you guys. bedface bedding Canadian company bedsheets

9 Ways to Get True Beauty Sleep!

Some days, we know we're not getting the best quality (or length!) of sleep that we need every day. While our bodies recharge at night, our skin does too! Board certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Kaleroy Papantoniou explains that during sleep, we heal, restore and eliminate toxins from the skin. (See a previous post on her expertise here!)

AMOREPACIFIC Skincare Review

In the spring, we need to switch up our skincare to combat the changing weather and humidity. With aging skin, this can be a challenge as you need to rehydrate the skin without over moisturizing. AMOREPACIFIC is a luxury skincare brand from Korea with innovative ingredients that are specially patented, making them one of the leading cosmetic companies in South Korea. These high performance skincare products are amazing for those that are more concerned with keeping your skin hydrated and warding off fine lines and wrinkles.
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Trust Fund Beauty Review

I love it when the seasons change, it's like a fresh start. It's an opportunity to change up your skincare routine, makeup as well as nail colour! I love bright colours so it's no surprise that when Trust Fund Beauty offered me some new seasonal colours, I couldn't resist! Trust Fund Beauty nail polish swatches vegan, cruelty free 7 free nail polish natural Canadian makeup vernis, Canadian beauty blogger Trust Fund Beauty

My Skin Story

Not a fun post to write, but a necessary one! I hope that by writing about my previous experiences with various skincare that I'll be able to help someone out. Trust me when I say that my skin has gone through a lot! From Accutane to topical creams to the "Caveman Regimen", I've tried everything. This is my skin story on the history of my skin and it's current temperament. ?

Lampsi Naturals Review

Did you know that your body absorbs 60% of the chemicals you apply to your skin?! I was recently contacted by Faye Kostis of Lampsi Naturals to test out one of her all-natural sugar scrubs! Lampsi Naturals products are sourced with local natural and organic ingredients as her vision is to have natural products become the norm. Used both on face and body, this versatile scrub in Key Lime and Coconut is sure to whisk you away to paradise! Lampsi Naturals Natural Sugar Body Scrub Key Lime Coconut Review

GM Collin Paris Normalizing Travel Kit Skincare Review

GM Collin offers skincare for both men and women from an amazing range from clinical treatments to high quality home care. GM Collin's products are not tested on animals and ingredients are derived from natural plant and marine extracts. Skincare is greatly important for healthy looking skin. GM Collin's water-soluble cleansers help to cleanse the skin and remove eye make-up in one step while also respecting the skin's eco-balance. GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ mild cleansing gel review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ treating mist review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ cream review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ gel nettoyant doux lotion traitante creme review, GM collin paris oily skin normal skincare review, Canadian Beauty blog beauty blogger skincare

Wedding Wednesday: Spring Flowers

Wedding season is upon us and a big part of wedding planning is choosing the right flowers. Since spring has finally sprung and has been making an appearance in the big city, I'm excited to start browsing wedding venues and enjoying the outdoors! Different flowers can set the feel of a wedding: bright and bold, or soft and subtle... floral arrangements from bouquets and boutineers to tablesettings are an important aspect of any wedding. Wedding Photo engagement bouquet spring flowers beauty blogger review