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GM Collin Paris Normalizing Travel Kit Skincare Review

GM Collin offers skincare for both men and women from an amazing range from clinical treatments to high quality home care. GM Collin's products are not tested on animals and ingredients are derived from natural plant and marine extracts. Skincare is greatly important for healthy looking skin. GM Collin's water-soluble cleansers help to cleanse the skin and remove eye make-up in one step while also respecting the skin's eco-balance. GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ mild cleansing gel review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ treating mist review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ cream review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ gel nettoyant doux lotion traitante creme review, GM collin paris oily skin normal skincare review, Canadian Beauty blog beauty blogger skincare

Wedding Wednesday: Spring Flowers

Wedding season is upon us and a big part of wedding planning is choosing the right flowers. Since spring has finally sprung and has been making an appearance in the big city, I'm excited to start browsing wedding venues and enjoying the outdoors! Different flowers can set the feel of a wedding: bright and bold, or soft and subtle... floral arrangements from bouquets and boutineers to tablesettings are an important aspect of any wedding. Wedding Photo engagement bouquet spring flowers beauty blogger review
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What are BB, CC & DD creams?!

Korean skincare products have popularized many North American products and have even created a skincare revolution in beauty creams. From BB, CC and even DD creams found in stores, what do all those letters stand for and what do these creams really do?! Board Certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou helps to decode it all for us!

Drugstore and High End Department Store BB Cream for skin

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Top 5 Spring Cookbooks

It's that time of year, when fresh produce and fruits are in season and more people are wanting to spring clean their diet! I've rounded up a few of my favourite spring cookbooks which feature wonderfully easy meals that remind us that healthy eating is easier than we think! open book, spring cookbook, novel open page story book

Macaroni Pasta Salad Recipe Ft. Barilla Pasta

I've been really wishing for summer weather as the days here in Toronto have been super cold (where did that snow come from?!). Hey Mother Nature, I thought it was supposed to be Spring already!! Despite the snow, I've been trying to stay positive and make my favourite summer dish: pasta salad! All of those delicious flavours always work out so well and are a perfect addition to any BBQ or potluck get together. Ever since I was young, I've always gravitated toward pasta salads and this macaroni pasta salad is no different! Made from corn and rice, this gluten-free pasta from Barilla doesn't taste much different than regular durum wheat semolina. Since I wanted something fresh and out-of-the-box, I made a macaroni pasta salad and the results were fantastic! Seriously though... look at that beauty!! Barilla Canada Pasta Macaroni Gluten Free Salad, Recipe for Macaroni Salad Gluten Free Barilla Vegetarian, vegetarian friendly bbq potluck summer spring pasta salad
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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Inspiration

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration! I've been getting a lot of questions asking about our future wedding and what we plan on doing. Honestly speaking, we've been having a difficult time deciding because there are so many choices! From winter wonderlands, to classic themes, vintage styles, rustic feels... there are so many different choices that it took us a long time before we finally decided on something. If you need a little wedding inspiration, I'll let you in on a little secret & how easy it was for us to decide! Wedding Inspiration Valentino Bride
Firmoo Glasses Review Blog Blogger

Firmoo Glasses Review

I've been wearing glasses for the past few years and had been wearing old metal frames that weren't really showing off my personality. I was recently contacted by Firmoo to review a pair of their glasses to try out. Since I need my glasses for distance and only wear them when necessary, I figured I'd test out a pair. Firmoo Glasses Review