Avene YstheAL Intense and Avene Eau Thermale products in sunny garden

Avène YsthéAL Intense

When it comes to skincare, I make sure I do my research to ensure it works for my skin! I grew up having terrible acne and have always researched for hours on end trying to figure out ways to get rid of it. So from an early age, I was interested in perfecting skin. A lot of the products that I’ve found that actually help me the most are acid based. From AHA’s to BHA’s, time after time, I noticed my skin becoming more clear peel after peel. So when I heard of a product having the same efficacy as 3 peels, you bet I wanted to try it! If I could reduce the number of products in my current routine, but still get the same results… that would be great! More time in my day (to do more research!).

Avène YsthéAL Intense Features

Avene YstheAL Intense and Avene Eau Thermale drugstore skincare products outside on tree branch with cherry blossoms

Being familiar with Avène, available at the drugstore, I was excited to try out their newest product! All of their products contain Avène thermal water and YSthéAL Intense contains 68%! YSthéAL Intense by Eau Thermale Avène is a new product that was released in February and retails for $55 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart and beautyboutique.ca. YsthéAL Intense is part of the Avène line for anti-aging skincare and helps to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Skin’s texture is refined and complexion is also evened out with YsthéAL Intense.

Avene YstheAL and Avene Eau Thermale in foreground of Spring garden flowerbed

The product comes out by a pump which makes the product easy to use and is to be applied all over the face, neck and décolleté after cleansing your skin. The anti-wrinkle action is thanks to the retinaldehyde. It’s less iritating than retinoic acid, and more effective than retinol. (Confused? Read all about retinoids!) Since this product does contain retinaldehyde, it’s still a good idea to do a test patch before applying to the entire face if you have super sensitive skin. It’s good to also note that this product is completely fragrance-, paraben- and silicone-free!

Avène YsthéAL Intense Formulation

Used as part of your regular antiaging nighttime routine after cleansing, use 2 pumps and apply all over the face, neck and décolleté. Avène YsthéAL Intense is used 2-3 times a year and is to replace your regular serum and moisturizer during the times that you use it. Whether you’re using this as a preventative measure, anti-wrinkle fighter, or even to extend results post procedure, Avène YsthéAL Intense is great for all stages. The creamy formulation helps to slow down the degredation of collagen and elastin, reduces age spots while also restoring radiance to the skin (glow from the product in the next photo!).

Pro Tip: Retinaldehyde has been found to produce a skin-lightening effect. Great for those looking to even acne scarring and/or age spots.

Avene YstheAL Intense yellow cream swatch pumped product on hand

The formulation contains Avène’s patented ingredient pre-tocopheryl which helps to protect antioxidants and safeguards the skin’s vitamin A supply. It’s also more effective than vitamin E because it’s not photo sensitive! Another patented ingredient in the formulation includes glycylglycine oleamide (GGO) which helps to protect the skin’s elasticity while tripling the efficacy of retinaldehyde.

Pro Tip: While pre-tocopheryl is not photo sensitive, retinaldehyde and all retinoids are photosensitive. This means it loses efficacy when in contact with light. Use as a nighttime treatment as specified.

Avene YstheAL Intense Swatch cream rubbed into skinAfter rubbing the product into the skin, it does not leave any residue!

Avène YsthéAL Final Thoughts

I’m fairly familiar to active ingredients when it comes to retinol. Although I have a prescription grade retinol treatment, the retinaldehyde in the YsthéAL makes for a much gentler approach. I was able to use this product every night without any dryness or sensitivity (which usually come with retinol), but can be used every other night if you experience side effects. A great addition to your routine? The Eau Thermale Avène. The thermal water spray is soothing and an anti-irritant. Available in 3 sizes, I always have at least one on my vanity as it helps to calm the skin and is a great addition in your skin routine. ($10-$21.75 CAD at beautyboutique.ca)

Avene YstheAL and Avene Eau Thermale drugstore products in foreground of flower garden