Carina Organics

Brand Spotlight: Carina Organics

Carina Toxin FreeI recently got the chance to try the Canadian brand Carina Organics. Based out of Vancouver, Carina Organics is conscious about the environment which makes them a great eco-friendly brand. Their products are certified organic, septic safe, never tested on animals and hypoallergenic. With a philosophy to replace harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients in products, what’s not to like?

Carina Certified OrganicOut of the 3 products, I’d say that it’s a toss up between which products I like! They all do an amazing job in each of their own way, but let’s break things down in terms of categories. In terms of scent, I’d pick the Hydrating Skin Cream. Efficacy of product? The Deep Treatment Conditioner is definitely my pick. Love your body wash or shampoo but hate those synthetic chemicals? The Shampoo & Body wash is for you.

Carina Organics

The Hydrating Skin Cream, although has a picture of an orange on the front smells more peachy to me. It has a light and fresh scent, nothing artificial at all and does not linger too much after application. It has a very creamy texture and blends in nicely within seconds of application. There is no greasy or sticky feeling and my skin drinks up the extra moisture as it does get a bit drying from the hot summer heat! Right when I hop out of the shower and dry off a bit is when I moisturize. This way, I won’t forget and the moisture from the shower gets locked in from the lotion. The pump bottle makes it a breeze for me to apply as I don’t enjoy finicky squeeze bottles. I find myself reaching for pumps 9/10!

Carina Organics Lotion

The peppermint scent of the Shampoo & Body wash is light but powerful. In the morning, I use it to create an atmosphere in the shower to wake me up because we all know how difficult it is to get up some mornings! When applying this as a shampoo, read the instructions! I did not and ended up with not-so-great results. Place a quarter sized amount onto your palms and rub your hands together to create a gentle lather before applying it to your scalp! This action helps to generate a small lather to help cleanse. On hot days, I didn’t find it to help my fine, limp hair very much as it ended up looking greasy midday. To help combat this, I resorted to using it as a body wash instead and like this way of using the product a lot better! The mint scent is more apparent as it’s applied to more than my head and helps me get up in the morning!

Carina Organics Shampoo & Body Wash

Last but not least, the sweet pea Deep Conditioning Treatment. This has a stronger scent than the other two products I tried in their lineup, but it doesn’t bother me. It has a floral scent which is light and reminds me of the springtime when flowers are just starting to bloom. Since you can often find me swimming in a chlorinated pool, it takes a toll on my hair. I often need to cut and deep condition more often because of the heavy abuse. Although I cannot say for sure that the treatment has helped me cut down on the damage, it definitely has helped it be more manageable. I have less split-ends and breakage in my hair and actually get comments on how shiny my hair is when I deep condition it using this product! I only use this treatment 3-4 times a week as it can weigh down my hair if used daily. It will definitely be a recurring staple in my hair care routine though!

Carina Organics Deep Conditioning Treatment

Find Carina Organics at a health food store near you! You can also order their products online and find out more about the brand over at