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The Planet Friendly Diet – Cat Smiley

It's the new year and everyone wants to get healthy! I recently received a copy of The Planet Friendly Diet by Cat Smiley ($29.95 CAD & USD). which is a book that features some cool tips to get healthy while also staying on a budget. I love to cook and really enjoyed testing out some of the recipes found in here. These fresh recipes are easy to make and super handy when you're not able to think creatively as there is a daily guide as to what to eat and how large your portions are. One of my favourite recipes within the book was the Baked Tilapia and I never knew that cooking with fish was so easy! Baked Tilapia recipe Cat Smiley Diet Cookbook
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Why Healthy Eating is Good For You

You hear about it all the time and definitely know that you should... "Healthy eating is so important, healthy eating is amazing..." But sometimes you just want a nice burger or some fried chicken. Amirite?! Don't lie... Seriously though, we all want burgers. Honestly speaking, I went from eating straight up junk food every day to eating healthy in little to no time. It's so important for you to treat your body right and here's why you need to cut some of that grease out of your life!

WayGood Tea Review

WayGood Tea is a Seattle-based company that specializes in different teas. All of our their teas boost your metabolism and burn fat to help you stay in shape. Sourced from around the world, founder Gar Lee developed a line of cleansing teas to improve daily life! WayGood Tea has ingredients that will help you with different areas that we all need a little help in: WayGood Tea cleanse

PRANA ProactivCHIA: Overview + Recipe

Looking for new ways to mix up your breakfast with superfoods?! Chia is part of the mint family and a seed considered to be a superfood. Founded by the Aztecs, "chia" is a Mayan word for "strength". Chia seeds have grown in popularity over the years due to the many health and nutritional benefits it provides. From omega-3's, protein, calcium and gut balancing fibre, Prana ProactivCHIA is a versatile way of enhancing health and maintaining healthy gut flora. Added to smoothies, cereals, yogurts, salads, dressings or juices, the possibilities are endless!

4 Great Pre Workout Foods

When you're planning a workout, there's already so much to think about... what type of exercise, how many reps, staying hydrated.. etc. I just started getting my own exercise regimen in and it's tough (read here!). It's no wonder that we forget that what we put in our bodies is also an important part of our workout routine! So, what should we eat as the best pre work out foods?

Grilled Banana S’mores

Do you like s'mores? I love 'em! You can't beat sitting by a nice warm fire when the air gets just a little bit crisper. There's something about s'mores and fires too. They just go so well together, it's a match made in heaven! gbsmores Guess what? You're in luck! I found a fab recipe by Candice Kumai: Grilled Banana S'mores.

Brand Spotlight: DAVIDsTEA

davidstea logo mugs with strainer DAVIDsTEA is a Canadian brand that features a huge variety of tea and tea accessories. Co-founder David Segal had a vision for tea and him and his cousin Herschel Segal created the first store in 2008, on Queen Street in Toronto, Canada. If you walk into any DAVIDsTEA location, you are bound to find a tea that you like with over 150 different varieties including special seasonal blends and limited edition flavours. From fairtrade to organic to chocolatey to coffee beans, they have every flavour imaginable. Their tea offerings are white, green, oolong, black, pu'erh, mate, rooibos and herbal varieties.

Leche Flan Recipe – Sounds a Lot Better than Saying Caramel Custard

Also known as crème caramel (the French name for you gourmet snobs) is one of my favourite desserts. Firm yet soft texture, with a creamy and sweet flavour, the richness of this dessert is almost without rival. I will be using the term flan for the rest of this article because I grew up calling it that. Now I know what you are thinking, going to a restaurant and ordering it or going to the store and just buying the President's Choice dulce de leche (Italian name for this dish) will taste just as good. The long and short of it is no, it definitely does not. The store bought one generally dries out really quickly making the dish have a lack of softness very quickly. Restaurant produced leche flan have a tendency to not taste as good as the stuff made at home. The home made flan is always better in quality and will certainly be worth the time and effort for you to make for company or yourself (small dishes or creme brule dishes are perfect for individual servings).