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Green Living Show 2017

Heading into the 11th year of the Green Living Show, the Metro Convention Centre holds 400+ vendors. This 3 day event features natural green products and services available to Canadians. Considered as one of the largest consumer eco-show of the region, the Green Living Show discusses different ways to lead a steady, healthy life in society in the Wellness, Health & Fitness industry. Toronto Green Living Show 2017 Flower Bed Box
Propeller Coffee Green Living Show 2017 Media Preview

2017 Green Living Show + Giveaway

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending the media preview of the 2017 Green Living Show. This year's Green Living Show is taking place at the Metro Convention Centre April 7th-9th in downtown Toronto. Running for its 11th year, there were many innovative products being featured from this year's show at the preview. I took a few photos to show you what happens at a media preview. Propeller Coffee Green Living Show 2017 Media Preview

March 2017 Favourites

I've done a few monthly favourites posts before (see here and here) but since they're from years ago, I thought I'd revisit. Each month, I plan on rounding up my favourites and sharing them with you. This month, I rounded up my favourites from all aspects of my blog: beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
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Project: Finish Samples

I was looking through my desk the other day and realized I had a ton of clutter. I've been reading a few books that involve minimalism and only owning things that bring you joy. This concept was new to me because growing up, I was very fortunate to have more than I needed. I had more toys than I could play with, and more books than I could read. Minimalism is becoming a very hot topic in modern society because we take a lot for granted. Think about it: when are you going to wear that sweater that still has the tags on it? After reading these books, I realized I need to declutter my life, so why not document it?
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Why use Green Beauty?

Over the past few years, I've started noticing that all-natural products are slowly showing up everywhere. So many people I know are turning to a more natural approach to their lifestyle: being more aware of what they put in/on their body, exercising more and taking better care of their health. In a world of fast and immediate, it's sometimes hard to understand why people are taking it slow by taking a step back from their hectic lives. Why natural? Here's a few reasons that I've dabbled in the world of clean living...
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6 Ways to Get Mentally Fit for The New Year

If you've been following the news in 2016, you'll know that it was a rough year. With the start of a new year, it's important to reflect back and assess what went well, what didn't and decide where you want your life to go next. It doesn't take wishing and dreaming and coasting on cruise control though, in order to create the life you want, it takes a lot of mental toughness, self-love and discipline. Luckily Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD, a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services shares some key ways to get mentally fit for the new year so you can move forward successfully. Coffee espresso latte journal mental heath mental fitness bullet journal

2017 Wedding Cake Trends

When planning for a wedding, choosing a cake is the most fun part of the process. You can taste different varieties while also showing your creativity in designing a cake that shows off your personalities. One of the prettiest ceremony centerpieces, it also helps to tie your theme together. Wedding Cupcake centerpiece fall rustic glam
Pretty Sage Wedding Flowers Bouquet Bundle Autumn

Wedding Wednesday: Fall Flowers

Fall is here and as the leaves begin to change, so do the flowers that are in season. Soon enough, everywhere you look there will new brides planning the happiest day of their lives and a part of wedding planning is choosing the right flowers to fit both the bride and groom’s vision. Flowers set the feel of the wedding and whether they are bright and bold or soft and subtle, the floral arrangements, bouquets and boutineers are an important part of any wedding. Luckily, brides in Ontario don't have to look too far when trying to pick the right flowers. Fall wedding bouquet

bedface Review

Let's talk beds, shall we? When you get to a hotel... somehow their bed is so much more luxurious than home, right? That's because their bedding is top notch. Before bedface, I never knew just how important a good night's sleep with good sheets were! (Tips for good sleep in another blog post here!) After trying out the bedface sheets, I knew I needed to let you guys know all about this company. And while we're on the topic of getting real... let's be honest here, when I first got contacted by bedface, I thought that it was just going to be more bedding in my closet that I would have no idea how to fold. (Seriously, what's the deal with fitted sheets?!) Strangely enough, this experience made me appreciate different types of linen and I'm super excited to share the best damn sheets on the internet with you guys. bedface bedding Canadian company bedsheets