Wedding Wednesday: Spring Flowers

Wedding season is upon us and a big part of wedding planning is choosing the right flowers. Since spring has finally sprung and has been making an appearance in the big city, I'm excited to start browsing wedding venues and enjoying the outdoors! Different flowers can set the feel of a wedding: bright and bold, or soft and subtle... floral arrangements from bouquets and boutineers to tablesettings are an important aspect of any wedding. Wedding Photo engagement bouquet spring flowers beauty blogger review
Outdoor Wedding inspiration reception

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Inspiration

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration! I've been getting a lot of questions asking about our future wedding and what we plan on doing. Honestly speaking, we've been having a difficult time deciding because there are so many choices! From winter wonderlands, to classic themes, vintage styles, rustic feels... there are so many different choices that it took us a long time before we finally decided on something. If you need a little wedding inspiration, I'll let you in on a little secret & how easy it was for us to decide! Wedding Inspiration Valentino Bride
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Smooth Wax Bar Review + Discount!

Usually in the dead of winter, people get lazier than normal and fall out of their regular routines. I'm definitely one of them! I visited Smooth Wax Bar last week and I'm so thankful I did. At first, I was worried that the waxing would hurt as I'm more of a DIY kinda gal and have only experienced at-home waxing kits (they hurt!). But to my surprise, my full leg wax treatment was actually around 80% less pain than using wax strips from the drugstore, I kid you not! Keep reading and you'll be rewarded with a special 25% coupon code to use in-store! ? Smooth Wax Bar discount coupon Jennybeaned

7 Fun Things to do in Autumn

Every year when it gets cold again, my friends and I complain that there's never anything to do. That's when I started to think of different activities that we can all have fun doing, but only in the season of Autumn! It's only here for 3 months, so let's make the most of it! I love Autumn since it gets just a little bit cooler and the air just slightly more crisp; doesn't hurt that my birthday often falls on the first day of Autumn either! Looking for fun things to do in fall just got easier... Autumn leaves gradient in fall

GTA Travels: Rowan Homespun Market

Antiquing is garnering attention and becoming more and more popular. Have you ever thought to yourself, "Where can I find antiques in Toronto?" Well here's the deal: Located in the Beaches part of Toronto, this little storefront is a goldmine if you're on the hunt for local, hand-crafted goods as well as antiques. Rowan Homespun Market has the rustic, natural feel that takes you back to when things were simpler with no additives or preservatives with the cool addition of the laid-back feel of the large space. Rowan Homespun Market Shopfront
Healthy Life

7 Easy Clean Green Tips for a Healthier Life

Do you want to be the healthiest, happiest and most beautiful YOU imaginable? You can do it right now! I think you'll agree with me when I say: EVERYONE wants to be healthy and live a long life. But it's so hard to maintain! Or is it? Turns out, one of my favourite authors, Candice Kumai, has created a "Clean Green" challenge to lead a healthier lifestyle. It only takes 7 days to try, so it's quick and easy, but can change your life forever! Try her tips for the next week to take you to that happy place you've always wanted! They're great tips for living a happy and healthy long life! In Candice's words, "You are beautiful"!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential OilBy definition, essential oils are natural oils that are highly concentrated from the source (can be shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds) that it's extracted from and are also known as volatile oils. They are usually extracted through steam distillation, but can also be extracted by cold pressing. Essential oils have been around for many years due to their many uses: flavouring, adding scent and health uses. You can either dilute the specific oil in a carrier oil which is then massaged into the skin, diffuse the oil in the air, heat over a flame or burn it as incense. ancient-essential-oils-information-1.1-800X800Essential oils as well as plant extracts have been known throughout history since the beginning of time and are considered by many to be the missing link in modern medicine.