Top 9 Incredible Fiverr Gigs to Make Your Blog Awesome (for Just $5)

Fiverr BannerLately I’ve been really getting into Fiverr and its $5 gigs because I’ve found quite a few that are actually useful for growing your business, website or blog for next to no money.

What the heck is Fiverr?

If haven’t heard of it yet (it's super top secret!) Fiverr is a website where people do various things for $5.

Get it, a "fiver"?

Okay, bad jokes aside, it's amazing what people do for $5! Now, some of these gigs are useful, creative and practical things that will be of value to your readers and customers.. whereas others are just bizarre...
think dirty

Featured App: Think Dirty

Do you ever Think Dirty? No it's not a euphemism, it's a new app that calculates how "dirty" or "clean" specific ingredients in certain products are! I recently found the app in the Apple store, and while it's still in its beta stage at the Google Play Store, I can't wait for it to be on my phone!

Getting Fit

My boyfriend recently surprised me with a Fitbit Surge watch which I have been wearing everyday. I love that I can track just how many steps I take in a day and that I can challenge others to meet their goals by going head-to-head. The ease of tracking your exercise is as easy as putting on your watch in the morning. The Fitbit Surge does have an awesome feature though, it has a sleep tracker embedded in the watch which allows you to see how restless you are at night.