Woman taking a collagen pill supplement

Curious About Collagen Peptides? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

It seems that everywhere you turn, “collagen” is the trending word. Collagen is everywhere from Instagram, skincare, bloggers and maybe even your BFF! I recently wrote an article about how you can incorporate collagen to your lifestyle, but I personally love it mixed in with my smoothies. And get this: collagen peptides powder is way more than just a beauty benefit!

Collagen Peptides | Everything You Need to Know about Collagen

What are collagen peptides?

If you’ve read my last article on what is collagen, then you know that anytime you move, it’s thanks to collagen. It’s the protein that helps with the elasticity and rejuvenation of our connective-tissue (like tendons, cartilage!). It’s not just humans that need collagen either, all animals require the protein.

Should I take collagen supplements?

While collagen is something that our body produces, as we age, our bodies naturally begin to produce less. When this happens, skin isn’t as firm and wrinkles start to set in. Our joints can also experience discomfort and pain all because of a lack or slow down of collagen production. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, sun exposure and a diet high in sugar can also affect our collagen production (regardless of age!).

If these preventative health reasons aren’t enough, supplementing your diet with collagen can help strengthen hair, skin and nails. Since collagen helps with elasticity (and is great at holding water), it helps with dryness in the skin which may help some with acne (no more over-stimulation of sebaceous glands!). Taking collagen has also been said to help with leaky gut syndrome, aid in joint health and help add muscle mass. (Note: Collagen peptides are not a complete protein though.)

How should I take a collagen supplement?

Collagen comes in many different forms and many different types! From a powder form to pills to bone broth (yes, really!) you can consume collagen any way you want. Bone broth is a delicious way of consuming collagen but it’s time-consuming and not always convenient! Pills can be great, but if you already have a stack of wellness products to take, it can get tedious. I find that the powders can be the best way to get collagen in your diet. In terms of flavour, collagen peptide powder doesn’t usually have a taste so it’s great to add to anything. Although most people add it to coffee, collagen peptides are soluble in cold water and easy to use in smoothies!

Life Hack Tip: To ensure you aren’t wasting money on your collagen, make sure you supplement with a vitamin C! Your body needs it in order to fully absorb the nutrients in collagen. The vitamin C helps with the production of collagen so you can get that glowy, dewy, smooth-looking skin.

If you choose to take a collagen supplement, make sure you read up on the company. Don’t forget to ensure there are as few ingredients as possible (unless you’re going for a flavoured powder). The FDA doesn’t regular many supplements so you may have to do your own due diligence to ensure the product has been tested by a credible group. As with any health supplement, always consult your physician. If you’re looking for pure collagen peptides, make sure the ingredient list states that it includes collagen peptides, collagen hydrolysate or hydrolyzed collagen.


Have you taken collagen peptides before? Has it made a difference?