DAVIDsTEA Iced Tea Press

For quite a while, I was scared of making iced tea. I was so used to drinking store bought, I wasn’t sure if making it at home would give the same effect. And yes, it’s no secret that the store bought stuff is high in sugar… but let’s face it: that’s why it’s tasty! Unfortunately, evolution has primed our taste buds to prefer sugary, high-calorie foods. Since all of that added sugar is not healthy for me, I thought I’d try making a homemade version to see how that stacks up! When I saw the DAVIDsTEA Iced Tea Press, I knew it was the answer to all my problems!

If you’ve ever seen my kitchen, you would know that I’m addicted to tea. One of my first few posts on Jennybeaned was about DAVIDsTEA! I’m so obsessed with tea, I have an entire shelf dedicated to it! Lately, it’s gotten out of hand and I needed a way to finish it quickly. If the tea isn’t properly stored in an airtight container, the leaves can actually start to lose their flavour over time. Cut to… the Iced Tea Press!! The innovative iced tea pitcher press from DAVIDsTEA allows you to make multiple cups of tea within minutes, like magic!

Please note that the tea currently in the pitcher is Blackberry Blizzard. It is watered down in the photos (ice kept melting, so added more for the photos!) and usually has a nice, deep raspberry colour when it’s freshly steeped.

DAVIDsTEA Iced Tea Pitcher Press

Part of the new Summer 2017 collection, the DAVIDsTEA Iced Tea Pitcher Press comes in different colours and different sizes. The larger 60 oz. size is perfect for entertaining (and using up all of my tea!). This almost 2 L pitcher is an easy way to steep, chill and press your own iced tea for yourself and company! The pitcher is made from a BPA-Free Tritan material and is dishwasher safe on the top rack.

Part of their new summer collection, the DAVIDsTEA exclusive pitcher comes in a variety of colours: white, aqua blue (classic!) and lime green. The instructions came on a paper sleeve inside of the pitcher and was not housed in a box.

How To Use the Iced Tea Pitcher Press

The DAVIDsTEA Tea Press has 3 removable pieces: inner layer of pitcher, outer layer of pitcher and lid. The loose leaf tea is put on the bottom of the pitcher (outside portion), and steeped to directions. Usually when making iced tea, it’s necessary to double the amount of tea normally used because the ice will dilute the flavour. This to me, was a great way of both trying out a new way to drink my tea and also use up my collection!

After you steep the tea, the inner layer is pushed into place which allows you to place ice into the center of the pitcher. This allows the tea to cool and gives you instant refreshment.

DAVIDsTEA Iced Tea Press Review

Overall, I find that this is a great product because it’s your all-in-one. You don’t have to fumble around for different strainers, tea bags or a nice looking pitcher… it’s all there! Although the loose leaf tea is in there longer than normal, I was surprised that it doesn’t oversteep. The fine mesh allows the liquid to come through and I have not had an issue with leaves in my drink!


The tea that I tried first in the pitcher was also a part of the Summer 2017 collection. Blackberry Blizzard by DAVIDsTEA is a new herbal tea for summer 2017 that’s both sweet and tangy. I’ve only tried Blackberry Blizzard iced, so I’m not sure how it would taste hot but it’s caffeine free and has notes of hibiscus, rose hip and berry. The Blackberry Blizzard tea by DAVIDsTEA is a great herbal blend to add to any tea shelf especially if you love sweet, fruity teas!