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DIY Wedding Favours

I’m back with the Wedding Wednesday posts! If you’re a new reader, let me fill you in! I’m engaged and have been writing a few Wedding Wednesday posts to get prepared for the big day. As much fun as planning can be, no one told me how many things I need to account for! From save the dates, to invitations to party favours… the options are endless. That’s why every Wednesday is dedicated to weddings to help give you ideas for your future wedding, and to document my own experiences!

When it comes to weddings, you’re already spending a large amount of money so you don’t want to break the bank with favours! As I’ve been searching for some ideas for my own, I came across some really nice ones. Whether you’re looking for something that your guests can use, or just a small memento, I’ve got you covered! I’m featuring a few this week, with more of a rustic wedding theme.

Many weddings recently have had DIY bars so that the guests are able to enjoy the drinks they like while also having a more casual vibe. I thought the idea of having guests keep their own glass at the end of the night was a nice touch because it’s always handy to have a spare one around the house!

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Another really cute idea would be having a potted plant or a succulent for your guests to take home. Whether they have a green thumb or not, I think this is such a great idea because blooms actually help with enhancing your mood (source). Giving your guests a favour is nice, but favour that enhances their life by influencing their mood positively? I think that’s even better.

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If you have guests that drink, a great little wedding favour idea are little alcohol bottles! Usually found in the mini bar of your hotel, you can find these little cuties wherever you purchase your alcohol. In my experience, it’s a general crowd pleaser and the little tag is a cute little way of announcing your wedding as well!

DIY Wedding idea, DIY Wedding bar ideas, DIY Wedding guest favorSource: Pinterest

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