Beauty lover Easter basket idea, ecotools real techniques so kiss me perfume 7th heaven sock mask Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Oil

Beauty Lover Easter Basket Idea

Whether you’re young or old, it’s always nice to receive goodies at Easter. It’s easier to put together things in a basket for kids, but what about the preteens and adults? Sure chocolate is always nice, but sometimes having a more customized basket is nicer. That’s why I put together a little post for an Easter basket idea for the beauty lover in your life!

Growing up, I remember loving the Easter egg hunt that happened every year. The clues made me feel like I was a great detective and the prize was just as nice. As I got older, the toys in the basket were less and less but I got things that I actually enjoyed, like J-14 magazine or the occasional eyeliner. Having my basket customized made me feel really happy because when you’re a preteen, you can only enjoy so many wooden airplanes. That’s why I thought to put together a little blog post on what my younger self would’ve loved to receive in an Easter basket!

Beauty lover Easter basket idea, ecotools muslin cloth real techniques sculpting sponge so kiss me perfume 7th heaven sock mask Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Oil

When each season changes, brands come out with new collections and releases. Each year, I am particularly eager for the spring/summer collections as I find anything with bright coral/pink colours are always the way to my heart. Most of the products featured in the Easter basket are either Spring themed or brand new to the season.

Beauty lover Easter basket idea, ecotools real techniques so kiss me perfume 7th heaven sock mask Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Oil

EcoTools Muslin Polishing Cloths

When prepping your face for makeup, I find that it’s always important to take care of your skin. Celebrating 10 years of beauty, EcoTools is launching a new modern Eco Collection. These Muslin Polishing Cloths from Ecotools are great for cleansing the skin or removing those stubborn face masks. For their 10th anniversary, EcoTools is featuring a gorgeous new look as well as new product innovation. The Ecotools Muslin Cloths are made with organic cotton and come in a pack of 2. This pack is great because they’re reusable and you can throw them in the washing machine for a deeper clean.

Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge

Following the complexion theme, I’ve always used a brush whenever I’m applying my makeup. Sponges are everywhere in the makeup world but I never really got on the sponge bandwagon. After using the Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge, my makeup game has changed. Real Techniques is available at Rexall and Walmart stores in Canada. Real Techniques came out with different sponge shapes and the latex-free Miracle Sculpting Sponge is great for accompanying your contour and highlight.

So…? Kiss Me Eau de Toilette

Many years ago, I remember flipping through my teen mags and wanting a few of the So…? fragrances. They were being advertised and had those little fragrance inserts where I immediately fell in love with the sweet scent. The So…? range is available at Walmart and is also an affordable purse friendly fragrance. With fruity notes of pineapple, citrus and blackcurrant, So…? Kiss Me is a great summer fragrance.

7th Heaven Spa Soften Sock Mask

7th Heaven Spa has beauty treats for the face, hair, hand, foot and body that are lovingly made by herbalists. Using natural ingredients from around the world, these masks are great to use. Coming to Rexall PharmaPlus in April, the 7th Heaven Spa Soften Sock Mask is a great way to get your feet sandal ready! The foot softening treatment is shaped similarly to a sock and contains moisturizing shea butter and almond oil to nourish dry skin and cracked heels. After the bootie is removed, massage into the feet for a lasting effect!

Johnny’s Chop Shop Beard Oil

Johnny’s Chop Shop products are from a UK-based barber salon in London. Newly launched in Canada, the vintage inspired men’s hair care line is designed for serious men’s grooming. It’s currently available at London Drugs & more retailers are to be announced. As a teen, you’re probably more concentrated on your appearance than you’d like to admit and Johnny’s Chop Shop has many hair styling products to help keep your hair looking on point.