Elle Beauty Grand Prix 2017 products

Elle 2017 Beauty Grand Prix

Have you ever wondered how some products get picked as an “Elle Beauty Grand Prix” winner? Every year, Elle Canada and Elle Quebec turns over testing to about 700 readers and they test 200+ make up, hair care and skin care products in 11 weeks. This is my first year participating so I’m super excited to join in and test some products!

Elle Canada 2017 Beauty Grand Prix Process

When the Elle 2017 Beauty Grand Prix applications opened, I applied in a heartbeat. I’ve been reading Elle for a while and loved knowing what products won as “best” in the category. If you’re not familiar with the Beauty Grand Prix, Elle Canada chooses a number of readers after completing a survey to test out a few full sized products. If you’re chosen for the process, you could try a range of products that may be for hair, skin, body or makeup. Every tester gets different categories to try out for the duration of the testing period. For my testing period, I was given some makeup removers, lip balms as well as setting sprays to test out.

Elle Beauty Grand Prix 2017 products

Elle 2017 Beauty Grand Prix Testing Period

The testing period is around 11 weeks and Elle Canada recommends you test out each product for at least a week. You report your thoughts on each product on an online logbook and survey where Elle Canada then uses the opinions to decide which products in each category is product of the year.

Elle Beauty Grand Prix 2017 products

As you can see, all of the products being tested are wrapped in holographic packaging so that there’s no bias to brands. The blind test helps with a true opinion on the products. Although this Beauty Grand Prix is a lot of fun to try and test out new products, I’m definitely going to be doing some unwrapping after the testing period!

Elle Beauty Grand Prix 2017 products

Unfortunately if you have sensitive skin, the Elle Beauty Grand Prix may not be for you. They can’t guarantee the products will work for you. Thankfully, I don’t have reactive skin and have not broken out or had an adverse reaction to any of the products that I’ve tested. I’m quite adventurous when it comes to trying new things so I don’t mind anything that comes my way. I don’t think I’ve used all of the products that are to be tested, so I’m excited for these new brands!

Stay tuned for an unveiling after the trial period in May!