KISS Flirt Blooming Lash False Lashes drugstore makeup

Natural False Lashes ft. KISS

I was hanging out with some friends recently and were talking about how beautiful false lashes were. It can elevate an otherwise every day look to a glam, sexy eye. Long, full lashes are definitely the most coveted accessories year-round. But unfortunately, if you have fine lashes like me, sometimes layering on mascara just isn’t enough. When I was younger, I thought false lashes only came around during Halloween and it wasn’t until high school that I realized just how far false lashes have come for everyday use! Whether you step foot in a drugstore or specialty store, there are so many different styles of false lashes available now that there is something for everyone. And yes, you can definitely find natural false lashes!

Pro Tip: Long and thick eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty in many cultures (source).

There are so many different styles of false lashes, from natural to a more dramatic look. I personally love a more voluminous lash on the outer corner and the KISS Blooming Lash worked so nicely! Found in the drugstore, the Blooming Lash by KISS feature multi-angle lashes for a more natural finish. Most lashes only have one strip where all of the lashes come out, but the Multi-Angle Technology from the KISS Blooming Lash collection feature gorgeous lashes that add length, depth and volume.

KISS Flirt Tulip Blooming Lash Review False Lashes drugstore makeup

Available in 7 different styles, the Blooming Lash collection by KISS is found at Walmart and drugstores across Canada and the USA. The 3-level variation of lashes on a single lash band help to add depth to the look without looking overdone since it gives off a natural finish! The eyelash band is fairly thin which is great for a more natural look and the strip is quite flexible. If you’re used to a more stiff curve, it might take a few tries to apply! Eyelash glue is sold separately.

KISS Flirt Blooming Lash False Lashes drugstore makeupCan you see those layers?! So pretty!

KISS Flirt Blooming Lash False Lashes drugstore makeup

There is definitely a learning curve for applying false lashes! I’ve tried applying them a few times over the past year and it’s taken me several applications before they finally stuck close to the lash line. The look of the Tulip lashes in the Blossoming Lash collection gives off a natural look that elevates your daily eye makeup. Whenever I wear these lashes, people often take a double take because they look so realistic, that they’re often mistaken for eyelash extensions.

Drugstore False Lashes Flirt Kiss

I’ve never had eyelash extensions before (had a lash lift though!) but if false lashes can give a similar effect for a fraction of the price? Well, you know where I’m going with that… Also, although these lashes give off a natural look, these are not made of mink or human hair. These lashes are 100% cruelty-free and the Blooming Lash collection by KISS is also recommended by PETA.

Drugstore False Lashes Flirt Kiss TulipHow natural do these look!?

Drugstore False Lashes Flirt Kiss

The Blooming Lash collection by KISS has many different styles all at an affordable price. From natural false lashes, to volume to length (or both!) the possibilities are endless!