February Favourites

February Favourites


Things that I have been loving for the month of February. These posts will feature my monthly favourites as I have been obsessed with a few items for the month of February and would love to share them with you!

  1. Fitbit Surge
  2. Slippers
  3. Kiju Organic juice
  4. Michel Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush (not pictured)
  5. Colour changing Shellac manicure (polish colour not pictured)
  6. Fitbit Aria
  7. Too Faced Chocolate Bar

(1) My fitbit has gone everywhere with me. Walking, running, going to the gym, it’s there. I have been loving this little gadget from the day I got it. By nature, I am very much a competitive person and I love that I can sync this little guy up to my phone to see my daily stats and see how well I am progressing throughout the month. You can even add your friends on the app and compete against them, exercise style!

(2) For Christmas, my boyfriend’s parents got me a pair of slippers and I have no idea how I have gone this long without owning a pair! I have been wearing them every single day and reach for them as soon as I get home. I have bad circulation so my toes hey pretty cold, these slippers keep them nice and toasty!

(3) The organic juice by Kiju is refreshing as it features 100% organic fruit juice and there are no additional sugars added. My favourite flavour is the grape-apple blend with lemonade coming in a close second! I’m excited to try other flavours by Kiju as they’re a nice little afternoon pick-me-up!

(4) I gotta admit, I’m terrible when it comes to treating my hair right! I rarely get haircuts and only started using conditioner recently and let me tell you, this brush is amazing. With 428 different contact points when brushing, you essentially get a scalp massage with each brush.

(5) I don’t know the exact colour that my manicurist used on my most recent visit, but the shellac nail manicure I got was gorgeous! It was colour changing dependent on temperature and was the most talked about thing among my friends. From grey to black and back, I loved watching my nails change colour throughout the month and I can’t wait to get another shellac mani!

(6) The Aria is pretty cool when it comes to the fitbit family. Able to track my weight and connect to my fitbit app via wifi, there’s never an excuse not to weigh yourself. The Aria is able to recognize up to eight people so it’s perfect for family use, but don’t worry… everyone’s info is private by default. The sleek glass design is sure to add a modern touch to any home.

(7) Everything that Too Faced makes is just so stinkin’ cute! This eye palette boasts a 4.9/5 on the Too Faced website. The creamy texture of the shadows make it easy to apply and all the colours are highly pigmented. A favourite of the month as I’ve used it over a neutral every day look to a sexy going out smoky eye, everything you need all in it’s own little case. Did I mention it smells like chocolate to boot?

What were your favourites of the month? Let me know in the comments below!