Fig + Yarrow Clay Mask

Fig + Yarrow has a variety of masks to offer. I love facial masks, but powdered facial masks are the best! Why? When the ingredients are already mixed in the container, the active ingredients are often a lot less potent. This makes for less of a useful mask. Not just that, but mixing my skincare up makes it a lot more fun!



I love powdered masks because they are so versatile! You can combine them with any liquid you choose so you can get double-duty the results. Mix with aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, honey… the choices are endless!

Whenever I’m passing through Urban Outfitters, I always make sure to go to the beauty and nick-nack sections. I love seeing what kind of random products they have available. That’s when this caught my eye…


Fig + Yarrow has a variety of masks to offer. I’ve only tried the {green} variety, but I’m intrigued to try others! Each clay mask is specially formulated to benefit various skin types and address specific skin issues, or you can combine their different masks to treat specific zones. (Multi-masking!)

+a highly nourishing bio-mineral blend to balance, tone and exfoliate; appropriate for all skin types.
++french green clay offers skin-enhancing trace minerals and phyto-nutrients from ancient plant matter while organic lavender helps to soothe skin and purify pores.




This mask is very silky. When applied to the face (I like to use a makeup brush), it glides on effortlessly. When mixing the liquid and clay together, careful not to make it too watery or else it will dribble down your neck! Within 15 – 20 minutes, my skin is refreshed and the clay in this mask does a good job on my pores! My skin is detoxified and weekly usage of this mask helps to keep oilies at bay!

Since summer is fast approaching, I’m sure we can use a little help with keeping our makeup on our face and keeping that matte look we all love! This mask does the trick. Used once a week, it helps calm my skin (lavender extract) while still drawing out impurities (French clay).



If you have an oily T-zone, I suggest using this mask mostly on the areas where you need it. Due to the detoxification properties of the mask, it can dry out the skin.

Have you guys used any Fig + Yarrow products before? Let me know if you’ve used other masks of theirs!

For more information, check out Fig + Yarrow apothecary products here!