Getting Fit

My boyfriend recently surprised me with a Fitbit Surge watch which I have been wearing everyday. I love that I can track just how many steps I take in a day and that I can challenge others to meet their goals by going head-to-head. The ease of tracking your exercise is as easy as putting on your watch in the morning. The Fitbit Surge does have an awesome feature though, it has a sleep tracker embedded in the watch which allows you to see how restless you are at night.

The entire range of the Fitbit family range from small pedometers you can clip onto your pant to wristwatches to internet integrated smart scales!


The Fitbit that I had received was part of the Performance Fitness line and boasts a multitude of features such as GPS tracking, a heart rate tracker, sleep tracker plus silent alarm in addition to multi-sport tracking. These special features help to keep you on track in terms of staying fit and getting your life organized!

The GPS tracking is a tool to help you track your route and lets you see the distance and pace you’re going. Since the Surge has a built in altimeter, it is able to calculate floors and elevation. The altimeter is a sensor that calculates altitude based on atmospheric pressure.

The heart rate tracker gives you continuous and automatic updates for your wrist-based heart rate at all times. According to the Fitbit website, the PurePulse™ LED lights on the tracker reflects onto the skin to detect blood volume changes and algorithims are used to calculate the heart rate continuously. There are three settings in terms of heart rate: peak zone, cardio zone, and fat burn zone. Determining that you are at 85% greater than maximum, 70-84% maximum and 50-69% maximum respectively. This is a helpful tool when doing cardio or HIIT workouts.

The sleep tracker is automatic and determines various movements in your sleep to calculate how restless you are. When I first tried this out, I couldn’t believe how much of a restless sleeper I was! No wonder I was so tired all the time, I was not getting good quality sleep. The silent alarm also helps in the mornings as it uses vibrations to wake you up. At first, I didn’t think it would wake me up adequately enough since I am a fairly heavy sleeper. After testing it out a few times, I found it to be quite a nice way to wake up to instead of the annoying buzzer on my digital clock.

Hopefully this gives you guys more of an insight as to how the Fitbit watch actually works! Let me know in the comments below if you own one and what workouts you do!