Giddy Yoyo Chocolate

Giddy Yoyo is a Canadian company that’s based in Ontario and believes in quality products. They create organic, raw, heirloom chocolate that is always fair trade and organic among other products. Dubbed as the “Official Chocolate Bar of Yoga”, this sweet treat is bound to please. Along with their chocolates, they have their own line of superfoods such as Maca and Cacao Power, wheatgrass, and body butter. Their Giddy Yoyo body butter is amazing, but we’ll save that for another day. I recently purchased their original chocolate and I’ve been thinking about it ever since…

If you desire a simple and pure chocolate, sweet but not too sweet, amazingly uplifting mind expansive delicious bar, the ORIGINAL is the bar for you. Our meticulous effort to use ONLY wild Ecuadorian Heirloom Arriba Nacional cacao puts us in a category of our own-this is not a marketing gimmick, this is the truth. Try it, you’ll understand. And if you don’t understand it the first time, keep trying it until you do. The Truth is inevitable.

With only 3 ingredients, 4 if you include their #1 ingredient of Love & Gratitude, this chocolate bar keeps it real and clean. The taste of the chocolate is unlike any other chocolate bar I’ve had before. It’s chocolaty, creamy and rich all at once! With true chocolate flavour, the intense chocolate that Giddy Yoyo makes is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even my boyfriend, whom doesn’t usually go out of his way to eat my health foods gave it a big two thumbs up! We both love that although this is deemed a more natural chocolate, it does not take away from any chocolate flavour that we’re used to with conventional chocolate bars… with less additives to boot! Thanks Giddy Yoyo!

Have any of you ever tried any Giddy Yoyo treats? I’m officially obsessed with their chocolate bars and can’t wait to try more! What’s your favourite Giddy Yoyo product?