GTA Travels: Rowan Homespun Market

Antiquing is garnering attention and becoming more and more popular. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Where can I find antiques in Toronto?”

Well here’s the deal:

Located in the Beaches part of Toronto, this little storefront is a goldmine if you’re on the hunt for local, hand-crafted goods as well as antiques. Rowan Homespun Market has the rustic, natural feel that takes you back to when things were simpler with no additives or preservatives with the cool addition of the laid-back feel of the large space.

Rowan Homespun Market Shopfront

Used to the rural life from her family farm back in St. Catherines, Dominique Del Col missed living the natural life when she moved to Toronto 7 year ago. She wanted some familiarity within the city and Rowan Homespun Market was her way of bringing home to Toronto. With a background in traditional herbalism and Ayurveda, Dominique created the store brand WILDWOOD and makes each product on site. WILDWOOD is sourced as locally as possible with organic and sustainable ingredients.

Dominique Rowan Homespun Market Owner

WILDWOOD features a small-batch formula as there are no stabilizers or parabens and the process to make these products can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months! Most of the plant-products sold are carefully harvested from her family farm which features (but not limited to!) tarragon, lemon balm, lilac, catnip as well as motherwart which will eventually turn into beautiful concoctions for the shop from body scrubs to oil infusions and even lilac in kombucha!

Rowan Homespun Herbs

The creative infusions at Rowan Homespun Market are not limited to WILDWOOD products, Dominique carries a wide range of products from local artisans that tie in to the cool eclectic feel of the store. Or, if you’re more hands-on and wanting to try your hand at crafts, Rowan Homespun Market periodically has seminars in a back room where they’ve had classes for kombucha brewing, flower crown arrangements as well as soap making workshops!

While I was there, I couldn’t help but to pick up a few goodies for myself… A homemade kombucha, Rose Hydrasol (that’s copper distilled!) as well as a packt of heirloom organic basil seeds! I’m excited to let you guys know what I think in an upcoming post.

Rowan Homespun-71

Full of antiques, local artisanal goods and monthly workshops, Rowan Homespun Market is a great place to stop by if you’re in town. Be sure to say hi to Dominique for me if you pop in!

Rowan Homespun Logo

Rowan Homespun Market
2196 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON
(416) 694-8888