HASK Argan Oil Review

HASK Haircare has a collection of hair care products featuring various exotic oils from around the world. The Exotic Oil collection includes ingredients such as argan oil, macadamia oil, monoi coconut oil, almond oil as well as keratin protein. These different formulas help to treat and repair all hair types. Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, alcohol as well as gluten… there’s a HASK product for you!

HASK Haircare Argan Oil Collection for dry hair natural gluten free shampoo conditioner

The argan oil collection is known for split-end repairing properties while also leaving the most damaged hair soft and manageable. This collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner as well as a shine hair oil.

HASK Haircare Argan Oil Collection shampoo hair mask

HASK Argan Oil Collection

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The argan oil collection is unique from Morocco and is specially formulated for dry, damaged hair and helps to strengthen and restore. When I first used the line, I was excited because I’ve heard so much about argan oil and how much of a miracle worker it is! A background on my hair is that it is very straight and fine, it’s minimally processed as I’ve had a bit of colouring grow out so that it’s only at the ends of my hair. I often have to wash my hair quite often or else it looks very weighed down by the natural oils in the hair, but I try my best to extend to at least washing every other day.

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HASK Argan Oil Review

When I first used the HASK argan oil collection, I loved the sweet citrus scent it had! It wasn’t overpowering in the shower, but it had just the right amount of scent to enjoy the shampooing ritual. Since the collection was formulated for dry, damaged hair… I wasn’t too sure how my hair would react. My hair is more normal to oily rather than dry but after 1 wash, I found that my hair was a lot more shiny! I didn’t see any additional benefits as my hair wasn’t overly dry or damaged to begin with.

HASK hair care product review

Overall, I love that HASK is both cruelty-free and free of common additives that you wouldn’t want to find in your beauty products!

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