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Why Healthy Eating is Good For You

You hear about it all the time and definitely know that you should… “Healthy eating is so important, healthy eating is amazing…” But sometimes you just want a nice burger or some fried chicken. Amirite?! Don’t lie…

Seriously though, we all want burgers.

Honestly speaking, I went from eating straight up junk food every day to eating healthy in little to no time. It’s so important for you to treat your body right and here’s why you need to cut some of that grease out of your life!

Pizza is awesome; I feel you! But all that “extra cheese” is so not necessary! Dairy products can produce extra phlegm and is even linked to producing more acne and hormone fluctuations in some humans; not cute. Instead, opt for a flatbread made with a lighter cheese. I like to slice up some bocconcini and toast it just a bit so the cheese is nice and melty a top some slices of chicken and tomatoes, topped off with some greens.

For breakfast in the morning, if you’re the kind of person to run off to work or school in the morning without eating… STOP. That’s not good! You’re more likely to over indulge later that day and overeat which causes bad eating choices. (Double Big Mac with everything on sound familiar?) Take some time and prepare a meal overnight. I like to make a trusty overnight oats recipe (here!) and take it with me in the morning. It’s super easy and all you need is a container, a fridge and 5 minutes!

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Since changing my food intake a little bit, I’ve felt so much better. I’m less sluggish, less tired and definitely more aware of what I’m putting into my body. Let me know if you’ve tried changing up your eating habits and how they’ve helped you!