ISA Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Although my hair is straight, you can never be without a straightening iron. Here are my thoughts on the ISA Ceramic Flat Iron!


After using the product for a few weeks, I have come up with a few things that I do and do not like about the flat iron:

  1. It gets hot quickly. ūüôā
    It’s nice that this flat iron heats up fast because nobody wants to be doing their hair for hours. A quick heat up time means less time waiting and more time to get picture perfect hair!
  2. There is no changeable temperature setting. ūüôĀ
    There are some flat irons in which I’ve used before and love having a changeable temperature setting! This flat iron does not let me do that which is a bit of a downfall.
  3. Coarse hair doesn’t work well!
    Some things just don’t go as planned… when trying to work on straightening thicker hair, multiple times are definitely necessary as it is a smaller diameter and average heat setting.

Overall, a decent straightening iron! I don’t mind using this for every day on-the-go hairstyles. A person new to heat or styling tools would find this very useful as there are no extras that would cause confusion!


I received this product for an honest review.