Lampsi Naturals Review

Did you know that your body absorbs 60% of the chemicals you apply to your skin?! I was recently contacted by Faye Kostis of Lampsi Naturals to test out one of her all-natural sugar scrubs! Lampsi Naturals products are sourced with local natural and organic ingredients as her vision is to have natural products become the norm. Used both on face and body, this versatile scrub in Key Lime and Coconut is sure to whisk you away to paradise!

Lampsi Naturals Natural Sugar Body Scrub Key Lime Coconut Review


When I received the package, Faye had it wrapped beautifully! I loved that she included a little personalized card as it was a sweet touch. The sugar scrub was packed tightly and secure and did not spill or get squished in transit which was nice as sugar scrubs could get messy!

Lampsi Naturals Sugar Scrub Packaging Box

The information included in the package helped me understand what Lampsi Naturals was all about. Faye explained that the name for her business, Lampsi Naturals, was chosen because it tied in with her Greek heritage. Lampsi translated means “glow” in Greek and I think Faye incorporated her heritage into her business very beautifully!

Lampsi Naturals Infographic

The Scent

Without opening the scrub, I knew that with a name like Key Lime Coconut, it would be amazing. At first sniff, it was like being transported to a tropical island. The key lime scent is strong which is then followed by a light coconut. Made will all-natural ingredients such as: Sucrose (Organic Sugar Cane), Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed Oil), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Glycerine, Rhassoul, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit Seed Extract), Citrus Anurantifolia (Key Lime Oil), Coconut Flavour… it’s no wonder the scent is so pure and real!

Lampsi Naturals Body Scrub Sugar Fresh Coconut Key Lime

“Sugar hydrates the skin while exfoliating, which increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, and is gentle enough to use daily to leave your skin glowing. This luxurious, all-natural key lime coconut sugar scrub is made with organic sugar cane, and botanical ingredients. Key Lime essential oil helps with arthritis, cellulite, varicose veins, and balances the skin. Suitable for face and body.” – Lampsi Naturals

Lampsi Naturals Natural Sugar Body Scrub Key Lime Coconut Review

The Scrub

The Key Lime Coconut Scrub is proudly made in Canada and is $15.00 CAD* for 5oz (please note that the wooden spoon is not included, but merely for presentation purposes). I use my beauty products quite liberally so this product lasted me about 2 weeks. Although the scrub didn’t last as long as others that I’m used to using, I definitely felt a difference in my skin as it was still extremely hydrated even after my shower.

Lampsi Naturals Natural Sugar Body Scrub Key Lime Coconut Review

This scrub did not have fine particles but rather larger sugar granules (think demerara sugar!). This gave me a piece of mind since microbeads (which have been banned starting July 2017!) harm the environment and animals. The sugar melts away in the shower and I don’t have to worry about any messy cleanup! It’s perfect. ?

Lampsi Naturals Natural Sugar Body Scrub Key Lime Coconut Review

All Lampsi Naturals scrubs are natural and gentle enough to be used both as a face and body scrub. I only used it as a body scrub since I don’t trust myself to be gentle with face scrubs (see why). Used as a hydrating body scrub, this made my skin feel great! The invigorating lime scent made moisturizing extra easy for me since I sometimes forget to use lotion after showering (oops!).

Lampsi Naturals Natural Sugar Body Scrub Key Lime Coconut Review

Don’t forget to check out Lampsi Naturals on Instagram too! What are your thoughts on trying natural beauty products?

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*Although I received this product for review consideration, my reviews are always 100% honest.