For the love of tea!

I love tea, especially in the wintertime. It gets so cold up here in Canada that drinking tea has become a daily ritual for me! Green teas, black teas, white teas… I love all varieties but have been especially obsessed with the Hōjicha (Houjicha) (ほうじ茶) that my dad brought back from Japan. It’s a roasted green tea that has a lower amount of caffeine and is often used as an after-dinner tea to help aid with digestion in Japan. Made from the leaves, this brown looking tea tastes nutty and is a good accompaniment to sweets. I prefer its mild flavour as I don’t generally like bold tastes, especially when I’m cooped up inside reading!

20150126_132143 20150126_132856

A lot of items in Japan intrigue me because of their seasonality. They have limited edition flavours and products based on the time of year or region you are in. Starbucks seems to subscribe to this custom in Japan. The Nagoya mug pictured here is one of the many limited edition mugs that are only able to be purchased at select Starbucks stores in Nagoya city. It’s quite similar to the You Are Here mugs available for purchase in North America, although the designs seem to be much more intricate in Japan. With gold foil detailing and bold colours, it’s hard not to resist buying them all! The You Are Here mugs available in North America are shorter, but have a wide diameter for a bigger mug of tea. The mug pictured here is about the size of an over-sized mug, maybe about a few centimeters wider in diameter than your average mug. Much easier to get your water intake in and drink more of that delicious tea!

Other than Hojicha, I haven’t tasted too many other native teas. What are your favourite teas? I’d love to try them out!