Mahalo Skincare

Brand Spotlight: Mahalo Skincare

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Mahalo Skincare in the world of green beauty and thought that I should take a chance on it as well. After looking at the many products that Mahalo Skincare offers, I couldn’t decided and decided on a sampler pack. I ordered the Mahalo trio which features 3 full-sized products of theirs: Pele Mask, Vitality Elixir and Mahalo Body Balm. I’ve been using both the Vitality Elixer and Body Balm religiously for the past month and will feature a little review on these products.

Initially, I had a few questions for Mahalo and when contacting them via the contact form on the site, I didn’t receive a reply for a little over a week. I was not aware of this when I made the inquiry and I’m hoping they’ve now put a notice on their site as to approximately when customers can expect a reply! The delay of the reply had me feeling sour on the brand which did change when I finally received my purchase.

When I first unwrapped the trio I had purchsed, I was delightfully surprised that Maryna (one of the co-founders of Mahalo Skincare) had hand-written a personalized note to me on a little piece of bamboo stationery. It was a nice touch to the products purchased and really made me feel like Maryna appreciated my purchase.

A quick overview of the products I purchased are as follows as they each deserve their own in-depth blog review in another post!

Mahalo Skincare

The Mahalo Body Balm is a rich orange-yellow and has an herbal scent. The rich pigment of organic turmeric powder attributes to the bright colour as there are not artificial colourants or additives. An article on the Mahalo Skincare blog explains why turmeric is used in many of their skincare products.

Turmeric has been used as beauty product over the centuries. There is a long list of skin care benefits associated with turmeric, including the treatment of acne blemishes, blackheads, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Turmeric, with its anti-inflammatory and redness reducing properties, can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions including eczema, allergic hives, and even chicken pox! It helps heal and prevent dry skin, and to slow the skin aging process, and is used to diminish wrinkles, keep skin supple and improve skin’s elasticity. This sunny bright spice is also being used as an ingredient in sunscreens.

The Mahalo Balm boasts a rating of 0 on the Think Dirty App and has 21 ingredients, many of which are organic or wild harvested locally in Hawai’i. This balm is extremely moisturizing and I’ve found that it helps to keep my skin’s redness at bay. I’ve only used this on my face and décolleté area. Since pairing the balm with the vitality elixir, I’ve actually gotten several compliments on my skin which I have not heard in my life, ever! The only thing I’ve changed in my life are my skincare products and these comments have me sold on Mahalo.

Mahalo Skincare

The Mahalo Pele Mask is powdered and kind of messy to use! I enjoy using powdered masks because they allow your creativity to flow and mix whatever liquid you desire. With bamboo charcoal as an active ingredient, the wider surface area allows it to absorb a higher volume of bacteria, toxins and micro-particles. During the summer months, this mask has been a saviour to my pores as it’s amazing at absorbing sebum as well as bringing circulation to the surface of my skin. Since adding the mask to my skincare lineup, I’ve noticed a decrease in oil production despite it being summer. The best part about this mask though? It’s changed the size of my pores. Seriously! With the amazing drawing power the mask has, it has the ability to clear out your pores and give you a finer, cleaner complexion.

Mahalo Skincare

Out of the trio, I use this vitality elixir the most. I apply it before the balm while my skin is still damp in a patting motion and although initially the scent was not my favourite, I’ve come to enjoy the daily ritual. I’ve found this oil to work best when paired with the balm and I’m amazed at how far my skin has come in terms of pigmentation, skin tone and texture.

Mahalo Skincare

If you’d like to try Mahalo Skincare or want more information, check out their website here. Have any of you tried Mahalo Skincare? Let me know in the comments below!

Your skin will say mahalo (thank you)!