Brand Spotlight: Mamma Oceania

I love discovering new brands and have found a way to meet many inspiring business owners at the same time! Erik and I have been going to different flea markets as well as pop-up shops to discover up and coming brands and have recently found a new favourite: Mamma Oceania.

Mamma Oceania

Mamma Oceania is Anna Mattiuzzo’s vision of the world of soap: scent-free, gentle, wholesome and environmentally friendly. She has a line of 8 different soaps, all of which are cold-pressed and uses organic ingredients. All natural and handmade, she told me about what ingredients go into each soap and the process of how each bar of Mamma Oceania soap is born!

Mamma Oceania Soap

I handmake my soaps using the slow but superior cold-process soaping method, in which the soaps naturally cure and harden over four to six weeks. I don’t use cheap (and controversial) palm or canola oils. I only use premium-quality, USDA certified organic Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and anti-inflammatory Canadian Sea Kelp. Other ingredients: skin-soothing, allergen-free Banana Extract, Collodial Oatmeal, filtered water, and Sodium Lactate (“salt milk,” a natural moisturiser and preservative).

After hearing about the all-natural ingredients used in the soaps, Erik and I picked up 2 bars for his grandmother for her birthday. We had chosen the Skin Soothing Soap as well as the Moisturizing Soap. Erik’s grandmother doesn’t actively seek out organic or natural products and generally goes for convenience as well as effective products. Due to the fact that she doesn’t usually go for organic, she was skeptical as to how well it measured up to her usual bar of soap. She was pleasantly surprised at how the natural soap worked just as well as her conventional one that’s filled with chemicals and fillers. Both and Erik and I are glad we introduced her to the world of products with natural ingredients and hope that it acts as a gateway to a toxin-free life for all! Not tested on animals, it’s mermaid approved!


You can find more information about Mamma Oceannia online on instagram at @mammaoceania as well as on their website at