March 2017 Favourites

I’ve done a few monthly favourites posts before (see here and here) but since they’re from years ago, I thought I’d revisit. Each month, I plan on rounding up my favourites and sharing them with you. This month, I rounded up my favourites from all aspects of my blog: beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

This month was all about recollecting myself and since it was a new season, it was sort of a “new start”. I like to give myself goals every season and for the month of March, I needed to organize myself. I figured this month would be a great way to continue my Monthly Favourites posts because it made me appreciate and reflect on the past month. Another month has passed and I mentally feel so free! So much has happened this month and I’m excited to share with you! Everything that I share with you in my Monthly Favourites are products that I would repurchase or have changed my lifestyle, have even been obsessing with for the past few weeks. March 2017 Favorites Marie Kondo Anna Faris Unqualified Urban Barn couch review GlamGlow Nanette Lepore

March 2017 Favourites – Beauty

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing TreatmentI heard really great things about this treatment and because I was going through a stressful situation, I was starting to break out. Looking for something to use, I found a small tub of GlamGlow and purchased it for $24 CAD. This little guy lasted me quite a few treatments as I only applied it as a spot treatment. It smells like licorice (which I love!) and dries fairly quickly so I apply right after the shower when the room is still humid. The GlamGlow Supermud has clay, charcoal and acids in the mask and I find this spot treatment super effective for those stubborn pimples.

BITE Beauty Agave Lip Balm I love the original Agave Lip Mask. I often use it as an overnight treatment or as a light layer underneath lipsticks. This is one of the things that have been helping my perpetually dry lips and I love that they came out with a lip balm formula. It’s much easier to apply when I’m on the go and so much more portable. Definitely a staple in my lip care routine!

DR. JART+ Sheet Masks I love using sheet masks. Starting at only $7.50 CAD, Dr. Jart+ is an affordable skincare brand for sheet masks at Sephora. The sleeve it comes in usually has a lot of serum which I often save and liberally apply to the neck and d√©colletage. It’s a nice sized mask as well and the paper isn’t so thin that it rips as you’re trying to apply it. Unfortunately in North America, sheet masks are more pricey than our Asia counterparts, but in terms of higher quality sheet masks, Dr. Jart+ is my favourite so far.

March 2017 Favourites – Lifestyle

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – This book, if you haven’t read it yet, changed my way of looking at my every day items. I am familiar with Japanese culture and I’ve always admired the way they treat possessions and each other; a strict contrast from North American culture. Reading Marie Kondo’s KonMarie Method opened my eyes on the way I treat my belongings. That purse that I longed for and saved up to buy… stuffed in a corner in my closet. Although it brings me joy, what use is it at the back of my closet? I highly recommend reading this book if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the things you own. Living in an apartment, I have limited space for my items and this book has helped me deal with that!

Matcha Tea – I’ve been starting to drink a cup of tea every day. If you’re familiar with me, you know I have a lot of tea just collecting. For what? I have not a clue. Again, this goes back to the KonMarie Method and made me realize what once gave me joy now does not. In order to remove the overwhelming feeling of the tea that’s slowly taking over my kitchen… I’ve been committing to drinking a minimum cup daily. This month, I’ve been drinking ceremonial grade matcha from Japan and I love making it. Although it’s a bit more work than the usual tea bag, it gives me time to reflect.

Urban Barn Berg Sofa – I’ve been living in an apartment for almost a year now and when we first moved in, we just got cheap starter furniture. Honestly, day after we moved in… we went to IKEA as well as Walmart and bought almost all of our furniture there. Fast forward 8 months later, our cheap $200 futon fell apart. Nearly 4 months of searching after, we finally found THE ONE. I foresee this sofa lasting MUCH longer than our futon did, I will definitely shop at Urban Barn again in the future for other furniture!

March 2017 Favourites – Fashion

Nanette Lepore Booties in “Belize” – I picked these up knowing I wanted new shoes for the spring season. They’re such a fun print and not at all uncomfortable! I really enjoy shoes with prints or details and this little Nanette Lepore number is no exception. I’m looking forward to wearing them more once the weather warms up!