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Misconceptions About Oils ft. Bio-Oil Review

Growing up, I had extremely oily skin. This led to acne and feeling insecure about my skin (my story here!). I went through countless beauty products, different prescriptions and overall lifestyle changes. But barely anything changed. When I was younger, one of my mom’s friends had recommended a facial oil and I was very skeptical that it would help my troubled skin. When oily or acneic skinned people hear about applying oils to the skin, they cringe and run away in fear. I did too, but trust me when I say there are definitely misconceptions about oils. In fact, oils can actually help to hydrate, protect, purify and help balance the skin. They also contain concentrated ingredients so a little goes a long way! (P.S. The facial oil actually helped my skin!)

While I’ve been using prescriptions to help with my acne scars, Bio-Oil can actually help to improve the appearance of them as well as improve uneven skin tone and stretch marks! Before my Bio-Oil review, I never knew the extent of how versatile Bio-Oil was! You can use it to moisturize, soften cuticles, remove makeup, relieve itchiness from insect bites and even enjoy a moisturizing bath (upon many other uses)! Instead of having all of those products on your bathroom counter, having Bio-Oil would definitely help with space.

Misconceptions about Oils

Getting back to the fact that some people run away from oils… I think it’s important to let you guys know that there are different kinds of oils. There are a ton of misconceptions about oils. Some are lighter than others and absorb faster than others as well. Bio-Oil has a unique formula helps to maximize skin’s elasticity while also locking in moisture.

Drugstore skincare Bio Oil Review, misconceptions about oils bio oil

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been leading a busy life! From organizing papers for taxes to cleaning up the home for visitors, it’s difficult to also take time out for yourself. I thought I’d use Bio-Oil for my manicure to see how it works out…

Essie Nail Lacquer Getting Groovy Oh Behave! Nail Polish, essie button nail polish bio oil cuticle oil

My Bio Oil Review & Experience

Bio-Oil is light, non-greasy and rapidly absorbed which is why I chose it as my cuticle oil. Most cuticle oils that I’ve tried have had to be massaged in for a long time before being fully absorbed. I was excited to use this because it’s so versatile, yet potent since you only need a bit!

Pro Tip: Clinical trials have been conducted to substantiate Bio-Oil’s claims on scars, stretch marks, etc. (here)

Drugstore skincare Bio Oil Review cuticle oil

I hardly ever give myself a manicure as I see it more as a fun, pamper session rather than a necessity. When I thought about the different ways to use Bio-Oil, what better way to use it than to pamper myself and do a manicure? Used as a cuticle oil, it was nice and lightweight as well as fast absorbing. I only used 1 drop per hand and this was enough to help moisturize my cuticles! When it comes to any oil, a little goes a long way.

Essie Nail Lacquer Getting Groovy Oh Behave! Nail Polish Swatch

Essie Nail Lacquer Getting Groovy Oh Behave! Nail Polish Swatch

Since spring is getting close, I thought to apply some light, fun colours. I chose the Essie Nail Lacquer in Oh Behave! which is a nice pearlescent peach and accented it with Getting Groovy which is a cool metallic gold.

Essie Nail Lacquer Getting Groovy Oh Behave! Nail Polish Swatch

Essie Nail Lacquer Getting Groovy Oh Behave! Nail Polish Swatch

I didn’t find that my manicure chipped any faster or anything, so I was really surprised at how well Bio-Oil worked! I will definitely be integrating this into my beauty routine and can’t wait to use it in different ways! Bio-Oil is available across Canada in 3 sizes: 60mL for $12.99 CAD, 125mL for $21.99 CAD and 200mL for $29.99 CAD.