The winter months are harsh. Let’s be real. Chapped lips, windburned cheeks, just a few things that nobody likes about the season. Skincare is essential during the winter otherwise we end up getting flaky skin and that definitely is not cute. Not only that but without a proper skincare routine, central heating, UV rays and extreme change in temperatures can be extremely irritating for our skin. So how exactly do we combat the terrible winter months to help protect our skin? Using moisturizers help! And I can definitely give you a head start by letting you guys know about my favourites…

I love my Giddy Yoyo body butter. It’s called their “Raw Love Butter” as it has more than one use. In the tub, it is solid in texture, but when applied to the skin… it turns into a luxurious oil that feels so amazing on the skin. The fact that it smells like chocolate doesn’t hurt either! The moisturizing properties of the olive oil, coconut oil and cacao butter pack a big punch when teamed up. Cacao butter is highly emollient which means it’s good for softening the skin and has natural antioxidant properties. Olive oil contains a compound called oleuropein which has antioxidant, anti-anflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The coconut oil in the product is also a natural sunscreen which is useful for the winter too!

I knew I needed some extra winter moisturizing because I swim year-round, so even in the winter when it’s extremely drying to my skin, the chlorine takes a toll on my skin. I was introduced to the Vaseline Cocoa Butter smoothing body butter by a coworker who swore by it. If you don’t like using oily products, then this moisturizer is for you! It has a sweet scent and feels like velvet upon applying. The cream is rather thick so you don’t need a lot. The skin on my legs are often very dry and unappealing so when I apply this cream, it’s like a big gulp of water!

Upon talking to my doctor one time, I was complaining about the flakiness of my skin and how expensive most facial creams were! His solution? Science! He told me a little secret about what he does that costs nearly half the price of what most department store creams cost. Ceramides are an important part of your skin. It’s the main component of the stratum corneum layer of your skin and without ceramides, your skin will lose a lot of water and thus may look dull or develop fine lines because of the dehydration. Cholestrol, fatty acids and ceramide help to develop a layer on your skin to prevent excessive water loss due to evaporation. He recommended CeraVe as it contains ceramides and I layer it on my skin in the winter to help balance my skin’s pH and restore any dryness I may have!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of the products mentioned or if you have any moisturizers to add!

Stay hydrated!