New Blog Post Series!

I’m starting a new blog post series called “What are _____ and why should I stay away?”. These posts will highlight some interesting points in many things that we see in the world around us. I will be discussing parabens, SLS, the safety of many additives in food and much more. Due to my background in science and academia, I will be giving you a more detailed look in certain aspects of things and cite scientific resources in which you can do your own research and come up with your own conclusion.

So many people today are fed a multitude of facts on the internet, whether they’re true or not. I would like for all of us to think a little more critically and wonder if what we’re being fed is the truth or if it’s all just one big marketing scheme.

Did you know that some studies are actually sponsored and paid for by the companies themselves?

If there are any specific items you guys would like me to highlight on in the series, let me know! What are some of the things that you stay away from?