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Nathan from Passionate Skincare is definitely passionate about his business! After getting to know Nathan a little bit more, I realized we both have similar skin problems and that’s what drew me to collaborate with Passionate Skincare. I have scalp psoriasis and I am always looking for an ultra moisturizing cream to help me combat it. In addition to my psoriasis, I have asthma which makes me sensitive to strong smelling scents. That’s where SkinFood from Passionate Skincare comes in!SkinFood

At first sight, I love that SkinFood is in a glass container. I’m not too fond of plastic, so this tinted glass was perfect! It adds a nice weight to the product and feels like a luxury balm. When I first applied it, I was expecting a hard oil that would need time to massage into the skin but was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and balmy it was. It was super easy to apply and left a light herbal scent where applied.

This organic balm has no water and no fillers or added fragrances or sulphates. Just 6 ingredients to help with moisturizing, scarring, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis and more. Safe to use for all ages, everyone has the ability to heal and nourish their skin.


Each of the ingredients selected for SkinFood has a specific purpose.

  • Coconut oil is hydrating as well as healing
  • Hemp oil mimics the natural sebum that our skin produces
  • Beeswax is anti-inflammatory as well as a natural binding agent
  • Jojoba oil transports the product deep into the pores
  • Rosehip oil repairs scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles
  • Manuka oil is antibacterial & antimicrobial which acts as a natural preservative (What is manuka?!)

What I like most about Passionate Skincare is that they know exactly where each ingredient is sourced. Where each of the 6 ingredients are sourced is listed right on their website here.

Passionate Skincare SkinFoodSkinFood was designed for those seeking to improve the overall health and complexion of their skin. When used regularly, SkinFood may help reverse the signs of ageing, scars, sun burn, eczema, stretch marks and other forms of skin damage.

SkinFoodAfter using the balm religiously for a few weeks, I noticed a slight improvement in the texture of my skin. I have slight hyperpigmentation from past acne spots and have been using 100% rosehip oil to combat them. This balm hits two birds with one stone by having the added benefits of manuka oil incase you have any active spots. Since the weather has gotten nicer, I’ve been spending more time outdoors and consequently getting bitten by bugs! I applied some to a bug bite and there was instant relief. The antibacterial & antimicrobial effects of the manuka oil helped to reduce the swelling and where I usually have bites for up to a week, this one was gone by the third day.

Passionate Skincare SkinFoodThanks Passionate Skincare!

Interested in SkinFood? Thought so… You can enter to win a bottle for yourself by going on Passionate Skincare’s instagram, or you can buy one here!