Setting Sprays

What are setting sprays? Most people don’t know what they are or how to use them. According to Google, setting sprays are also known as finishing sprays and are a cosmetic product that is designed to preserve applied makeup for long periods of time. This acts as a sort of binding device that allows the makeup to set and stay on longer than it would without the spray. Setting sprays are especially popular when in theatre or doing special effects makeup as it ensures the makeup to not rub off onto costumes and stay in place. It also helps to make the look more natural as the liquid helps to settle the makeup.

Some setting sprays have silicones in them which can cause some people irritation. Why do they have silicones? They’re added because the setting sprays can help by essentially coating your makeup with a waterproof spray which generally has silicone in it. Due to this science, setting sprays with silicones in them should help with the longevity of your makeup.

I’ve used several setting sprays, some that were marketed as such and others that are a little bit different. The different sprays that I will be profiling today are Caudalie’s Grape Water Moisturizing Spray, MAC’s Fix+, SUPER by Dr Nicholas Perricone’s Detox Elixer – Watercress Sulforaphane and Heritage Store’s Rose Petals – Rosewater.

The Grape Water Moisturizing Spray is lovely in the summertime as it has a fine nozzle for distributing the mist and is cool when released from the can. This organic spray is a great refresher mid-day and I like to spray it on when I need a pick-me-up. In addition to using in the middle of the day, during the wintertime I use it as a supplemental part of my skincare

I bought the MAC Fix+ thinking it would be a nice finishing spray and be able to lengthen the wearing power of my makeup. It was marketed that way to me by the makeup artist, but I found an alternate way of wearing it and I find that it works a lot better for me! Whenever I’m preparing for a big night out, I will use Fix+ between steps when putting on my face makeup. Primer, spray, foundation, spray, powder, spray.. making sure each layer dries before continuing! Fix+ is also good for lightening up a makeup look if it is looking a bit cakey or you feel like you need a bit of dewiness to your face.

The Detox Elixer sounded like a good buy at the time since it was supposed to clarify and refresh the skin. After using the entire bottle, that’s pretty much all I was left with. Due to the sulforaphane properties, this spray smelled BAD! Watercress + Sulfur. Not nice. The added sulfur didn’t justify being there because it didn’t combat any of my blemishes.

I have been using rosewater for the past few months now and I enjoy it very much! I mostly use this as a skincare item as it has similar properties to the MAC Fix+. It refreshes the skin, but does not have enough properties to increase the longevity of any foundation I use. It smells good and calms my skin in the summer from the heat, and gives it the necessary moisture it needs in the winter.

Another tip for the longevity of your makeup, look at the ingredients list of your products! One of the first few ingredients listed should be either water, oil or silicone. Due to this, keep your ingredients the same! So if you have a silicone based primer, use it with a silicone based foundation as well. Why? Oil and water don’t mix!

Hope these tips help! If you have any others, let me know!