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Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother Serum

I love trying out new products and I’m most excited when they turn out to be revolutionary products that change my skincare routine. I was able to discover the Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother Serum courtesy of Influenster. The claim for the Smart Filtering Smoother is that it helps to improve shine and visible pores instantly. The Smart Filtering Smoother acts as a serum, but has a finishing touch that helps to create photo-ready skin.

I’ve been trying out this product for a few weeks now and I found that I enjoy the effect of it underneath (or overtop!) makeup much better than alone. The Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother is not categorized as a primer because you can also use this product for on-the-go touch ups.

Shiseido Japan IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother Sephora

What is the IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother?

Retailing at $29 CAD for 20mL, the Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother can be found in department stores as well as Sephora. This product is extremely light and velvety (not thick and sticky like dimethicone primers!) and upon using a patting motion, it creates a blurring effect.

Pro Tip: The botanical ingredient “Bergenia Ciliata Root Extract” has been found to show antibacterial and antifungal properties (see here) which may help with acne and other skin concerns.

Shiseido IBUKI Smoother Sephora Swatch Review

The technology in the serum combines oil-targeting micro powder evenly into a serum base. By patting, the velvety formula helps to deliver excess sebum from the skin’s surface to delivery a look that’s mattified and visible pores become less noticeable. I found that the oil absorption does not make the face super matte, but rather gives a more skin-like finish.

Pro Tip: Shiseido scientists have also found that glycylglycine helps improve the look of pores (here).

Shiseido IBUKI Smoother Sephora Swatch Review

Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother Look Sephora SwatchCan you see the difference between the two sides? (Click to enlarge)

How to use the IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother?

Use as the last step of your skincare routine or over your face makeup. Smooth a small amount (around a pea to pearl sized amount) onto your finger tips and lightly pat on the face where more texture is found (eg. shine and pore concern) until well blended. I found this oil controlling effect can last up to 6-8 hours depending on your activity & skin (my current skin background can be found here). The 20mL bottle although looks quite small, but I estimate it can probably last you 3-6 months depending on how often you use the product.

Face Shiseido IBUKI Filter Swatch

The difference of this product is clearly shown under makeup. Alone, it gives a natural blurred finish but I personally like to add it after I apply my BB cream to mattify the dewy look just a bit. This photo shows that and has no retouching; I also had taken the photo outdoors immediately after the application. I noticed a difference on my left cheek (right side of photo) to the other cheek and the pores look less noticeable.

Overall, the product definitely impresses me with the blurring effect. It looks great off and on camera which is great for those selfie moments!