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Smooth Wax Bar Review + Discount!

Usually in the dead of winter, people get lazier than normal and fall out of their regular routines. I’m definitely one of them! I visited Smooth Wax Bar last week and I’m so thankful I did. At first, I was worried that the waxing would hurt as I’m more of a DIY kinda gal and have only experienced at-home waxing kits (they hurt!). But to my surprise, my full leg wax treatment was actually around 80% less pain than using wax strips from the drugstore, I kid you not! Keep reading and you’ll be rewarded with a special 25% coupon code to use in-store! ?

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As soon as I stepped into Smooth Wax Bar, I was welcomed with their signature grey and green colours. Much more friendly than the stark white walls you quite often see.

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As you enter the wax bar, they had a full display of products that I picked up a few items from after my treatment!

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They feature a variety of waxes both hard and soft and specialize in only waxing. Other places that do everything may not necessarily have the expertise that these waxologists do!

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Walking into Smooth Wax Bar, I was unsure about what to expect but my waxologist Carole was amazing. Since she knew how uncomfortable some clients may feel, she made sure to disclose that it was just a job and that she doesn’t remember details of anybody’s body. As self conscious as we can feel, it was reassuring to hear that from her. Carole also explained to me how important it was that I knew that she does not “double-dip”. Meaning that she does not use the same stick twice for waxing! This is great news because you do NOT want someone else’s germs during your wax session, yuck!

Did you know that there’s more than one type of wax? Sandy Weir, co-founder of Smooth Wax Bar, says that depending on the application, it makes a difference!

Hard Wax is applied thickly on the skin and essentially shrink wraps
around the hair. It is peeled off with fingers rather than a cotton strip.
It should be used for waxing sensitive & delicate areas such as eyebrows,
upper lip, facial waxing, underarms, bikini line & Brazilian waxing. Many
spas including high end spas do not carry hard wax as they don’t do enough
waxing to justify the cost and their staff is usually not trained on using
this wax. The technique is different than strip waxing and definitely
requires specialized training. I always suggest to people that they ask if
hard wax will be used when booking the appointment.

Strip Wax is applied thinly and removed with a cotton waxing strip. It is
effective for larger areas of skin such as the legs, arms, back, chest
where the skin tends to be thicker and not as sensitive. Our imported
white cream strip wax consists of high quality ingredients such as Coconut
Oil and Titanium Dioxide. Its specialty ingredients help moisturize and
nourish your skin during the wax.

Smooth is one of the few and perhaps only spas in the city that carries
two hard waxes (i’m not aware of any others but don’t want to make a
definitive claim). We do this as clients have different hair types and
respond better to one type of wax or the other. One is a hard wax that
works fabulously on clients who are regulars or have finer hair. We have
another hard wax that we use for coarser hair or very short hairs (as
small as 1mm). We find that carrying two specialty hard waxes and one high
end strip wax allows us to get optimal results.

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I got a full leg treatment and going into it, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In the end, I didn’t have anything to worry about because Carole was so sweet and very precise with the wax application! The warm wax was quite nice on a cold day and actually felt quite relaxing. Although no spa treatment, I’d definitely go back and see Carole at Smooth Wax Bar again!

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