Splurge Skincare Review

When was the last time your splurged on yourself? With Splurge Skincare, that could be every day! Kara and Christine from Splurge Skincare were sweet enough to send me a small sample of their products. They included 2 Lip Buttahs (one tinted and one original, lemon scented) as well as their Melted Buttah which is great for moisturizing dry cuticles! Read on to find out more about this natural skincare brand…

Canada GooseWhile taking photos for the blog, we came across the meanest Canada Goose. He wouldn’t let us take photos at all! So what could’ve been done in 30 minutes took us 2 hours because we were running away from him…. People, take note! When a Canada Goose hisses, he means business!!

Lip ButtahAfter trying out their products for a month, I’ve noticed a difference in my lips! My once perpetually flaky, dry lips are now nice and smooth. Hallelujah! The light lemony scent is perfect as it doesn’t overpower which I have found to be the case in many conventional lip balms.

Tinted Lip ButtahAlthough the Tinted Lip Buttah in Fling didn’t have as much of a colour payoff as I’d like, it was equally as moisturizing and added a nice light wash of colour on days where you can’t be bothered to take out a mirror to apply your lipstick!

Lip Buttah

Melted ButtahThe Melted Buttah is great for softening dry, cracked cuticles. This has been my new go-to when preparing for a new mani. My nails are always dry from the day to day work that I put them through so it’s nice to treat them to a little R&R with this luxurious repair balm!

Pleased to find that Splurge Skincare is cruelty free, their moisturizing products are sure to be a hit in your beauty routine. My fellow Canadian gals can get these products at the Choosy Chick! The Choosy Chick’s online boutique can be found here. Please visit the Splurge Skincare site to learn more about all of their products here.


Cruelty Free