Spring Must-Haves

Chic Spring Trends

For those of you with double digit weather, congratulations! For us in Canada, Toronto more specifically, it’s not quite there yet… That doesn’t mean we can’t covet the hottest fashion trends of spring though! What’s trending this season?

Trenches, flats, gingham, black and white, backpacks and the colour yellow. All of these are trending and here’s how you can integrate them into your wardrobe!

coat_trench_kate_hudson1If you pick up any fashion magazine, you’ll notice that trenches are everywhere. The trench has been an icon for spring jackets for ages! I finally found my perfect trench after 2 years of searching, I can’t wait to bring it out and wear this season. When wearing your trench out, make sure that your dress or skirt is longer than your jacket!

Flats are another huge trend this season, especially with the ankle strap. I don’t generally wear flats, but this seems like something I may venture into… This reminds me of the gladiator sandals that were everywhere a few years ago. Maybe they’ll be back this summer?

Gingham and black and white, two very different patterns, yet so on trend this season! If you’re worrying about looking too much like a picnic table cloth, don’t worry! You can break up the pattern by wearing another layer. Take the pink dress I’ve shown you in the post, you can definitely style that with a chambray shirt and you’ll be a little less picnic, and a little more terrific! Black and white is chic at anytime of the year. You may think that pairing these colours together may make you look like a stewardess, but combining them with a pop of colour uplifts this spring trend and makes it more playful.

yellow shadesYellow is a colour that not all of us like to wear, but think about it… there are so many shades of yellow out there: lemon yellow, light yellow, fluorescent yellow, honey yellow the colour wheel has it all and there’s a shade there for you! Even if you wear it on your bag, it can be the perfect complement to your outfit.

packOk ladies, who here is tired of lugging around a purse everywhere? I’m glad the backpack trend is coming back again! No, we’re not talking about school bags, we’re talking about cute little packs that carry the minimum things you need. Not only is this trend stylish, but your shoulders will thank you!

How many of these trends are you willing to try? Is being on trend important to you?