Supplemental Skin Care – Hydrating Masks

During the winter months, it gets to be really cold here in the Great White North. I had previously written about moisturizers, but mostly focusing on the body… so what about your face?? Face on our skin gets pretty beat up during the winter season so good skin care is vital. The frequent hot to cold and drying heaters in our homes mess with our skin’s natural pH and destroys the equilibrium of the acid mantle. Acid what? Never heard of the term? Don’t worry, not too many people have! The skin is very delicate and even the slightest imbalance can cause your skin to go into a tizzy… Here’s how to supplement your winter skin care with hydrating masks!

The skin’s acid mantle help to keep bacteria out, and hydration in! I’ll be writing another blog post for a more in-depth explanation as to what this is specifically, but we need to keep our skin balanced in order for the natural oil production to properly hydrate our skin. Moisturizers also help with hydration, check out my last post here.

I love using hydrating masks during the wintertime as it feels really refreshing and calming for me. It’s beneficial too, so why not? This supplemental skin care item is essential during the winter months as we need to change up our skin care to help us with our surroundings.

Hydrating masks I love:

  1. Rodial – Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask
  2. Glam Glow – ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment
  3. My Beauty Diary – Facial Sheet masks

The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask is the first product that I have tried in the Rodial skin care brand. I am on my second tube, and don’t believe I will stop there! The anti-oxidant effects of the mask helps reduce redness and smooth fine lines due to dehydrated skin. According to the Rodial website, Dragon’s Blood is sourced from the red sap of the sangre de drago tree and works to form a second skin-like protective film on the skin. This in-turn helps with providing stability to the skin’s acid mantle and protects it from any environmental damage. I like to use this at night as an overnight treatment and although it smells like vitamins to me, it has a sweet scent and is amazingly good at plumping up the skin.

The ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment was a Christmas present to myself. I have always been interested in good skin care and after hearing tons of raves for the treatment, I bit the bullet and purchased the full-sized version. There are several ways of using the mask, but I like to use it as an overnight treatment. I apply this at night after cleansing my skin and sleep with it on. This offers my skin more hydration and I’ve noticed a difference when pairing it with good skin care! The hyaluronic acid featured in the mask is a favourite of mine as it offers deep hydration to the skin. It’s won 3 awards such as the Good Housekeeping Award 2014, Sephora Hot Now and the 2014 Beauty Nylon Hit List Award. I can definitely say it is worth the splurge. It even smells sweet like cake batter! When washed off in the morning, my skin is more luminous and hydrated.

I love facial sheet masks and incorporate them into my year-round skin care routine. My particular favourite of the moment is the My Beauty Diary brand and their Apple Polyphenol mask. The apple scent is light and crisp which offers a refreshing experience to the skin care and it brightens my face too. During the winter months, my skin tends to get dull as it doesn’t usually get the proper hydration it needs. After applying this mask, my skin looks refreshed and pores look more refined as the serum on the mask adds a super amazing amount of hydration to my skin.

Do you have any special masks that you would like to add?