Sweet Oak Care Subscription Box

Sweet Oak Care Subscription Box Review

Ever since Earth Day, I’ve been looking at cleaning up my beauty routine and integrating more natural and sustainable products. It’s been a bit difficult as I had no idea where to start. Skincare? Haircare? Start small with body wash or soap?! Luckily, Sweet Oak has a great subscription box that gives you 4-5 full sized items that are all-natural and all-Canadian!

Sweet Oak Care Subscription Box Packaging

The subscription boxes were to exclusively feature personal care products but have recently expanded the selection to include additional lifestyle products which I think is a great addition! I mean, who doesn’t like snacks?! The May 2018 Sweet Oak Care subscription box was $40 CAD with $10 flat-rate shipping but the new box will decrease to $30 which is even better for the wallet.

When I first opened the box, it smelled like clay mixed with hints of mint and gave me the overall feeling of an elevated homemade DIY that you would find on Etsy. This month, the May 2018 Sweet Oak Care box featured Wilderness Soap Co., Beth and Olivia, Delia Organics and Natural Panda. The Sweet Oak Care subscription box features primarily indie businesses and I haven’t heard of these products or brands before. Knowing they’re all locally made, I’m excited to try them out! Everything (although handcrafted) was beautifully made.

Wilderness Soap Co., Natural Panda Bath Bomb, Delia Organics Moisturizing Lotion, Beth and Olivia Pink Clay Face Mask

The Rosemary Mint with Glacial Clay soap from Wilderness Soap Co. was one of the strongest smelling in the box (but not in a bad way!). Handcrafted in small batches in Collingwood, ON, it features a 100% biodegradable label and is palm-oil free! I also loved that it featured clay right from the glaciers in Canada. I’ve been using the glacial clay soap from Wilderness Soap Co. every day in the shower and while I thought it would dry out my skin, I’ve noticed that my skin is actually more hydrated! Imagine that.

Wilderness Soap Co Rosemary Mint with Glacial Clay

This cute little face mask features pink clay which has been everywhere lately in the beautysphere. For all different types of skin, pink clay can help decongest and moisturize.

Beth and Olivia Pink Clay Face Mask

Sweet Oak Care featuring Delia Organics Natural Skin Therapy Wake-Up Moisturizing Lotion

Bath bombs made with natural ingredients that aren’t overly scented are hard to come by. That’s where the bath bomb made by Natural Panda comes in! I was so excited about the bath bomb that I wasn’t able to take a close-up photo before using it. Lightly floral scented, it’s quite petite and had about a 2-inch diameter.


Overall, I love the idea of supporting indie businesses and can’t wait to see what Sweet Oak has in store for future boxes!