caramel custard dessert


Leche Flan Recipe – Sounds a Lot Better than Saying Caramel Custard

Also known as crème caramel (the French name for you gourmet snobs) is one of my favourite desserts. Firm yet soft texture, with a creamy and sweet flavour, the richness of this dessert is almost without rival. I will be using the term flan for the rest of this article because I grew up calling it that. Now I know what you are thinking, going to a restaurant and ordering it or going to the store and just buying the President's Choice dulce de leche (Italian name for this dish) will taste just as good. The long and short of it is no, it definitely does not. The store bought one generally dries out really quickly making the dish have a lack of softness very quickly. Restaurant produced leche flan have a tendency to not taste as good as the stuff made at home. The home made flan is always better in quality and will certainly be worth the time and effort for you to make for company or yourself (small dishes or creme brule dishes are perfect for individual servings).