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Prettyful Hair & Makeup Lash Lift Review

Ever heard of a lash lift? The average person has probably not heard about a lash lift but has heard of its more glamorous cousin: the lash extension. Lash lifts are nice because they don't require as much maintenance as eyelash extensions and are a wonderful alternative if you're looking for something to quicken up your morning routine! Marianne from Prettyful Hair & Makeup was kind enough to contact me and try out a lashlift service. (Regular rates here) Having never gotten one before and only hearing about it once, I went to do a bit of research on what it is and what the results looked like. I was glad that it looked natural and was able to last around 6-8 weeks if taken care of. For my current low maintenance lifestyle, it was perfect for me. Marianne Lontoc Prettyful Hair and Makeup eyelash extension Toronto eyelash perm eyelash lift