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Wishing for Spring with Maui Moisture

If you're from Canada, you know that it's been super chilly these past few days. I for one am totally over this deep freeze & ready for spring weather! That's where my tropical inspired beauty routine comes in: Maui Moisture. Inspired by the islands of Hawaii, Vogue International (they're behind OGX hair care too!) launched Maui Moisture. A refreshing and repairing hair care line with exotic botanicals and plant essences found on the tropical islands. With all of the differently scented lines, you're sure to find your perfect scent and be transported away to a tropical oasis at home.
Carina Organics

Brand Spotlight: Carina Organics

Carina Toxin FreeI recently got the chance to try the Canadian brand Carina Organics. Based out of Vancouver, Carina Organics is conscious about the environment which makes them a great eco-friendly brand. Their products are certified organic, septic safe, never tested on animals and hypoallergenic. With a philosophy to replace harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients in products, what's not to like?