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Essie Nailpolish Cuticle Care, Bio Oil Review Drugstore skincare

Misconceptions About Oils ft. Bio-Oil Review

Growing up, I had extremely oily skin. This led to acne and feeling insecure about my skin (my story here!). I went through countless beauty products, different prescriptions and overall lifestyle changes. But barely anything changed. When I was younger, one of my mom's friends had recommended a facial oil and I was very skeptical that it would help my troubled skin. When oily or acneic skinned people hear about applying oils to the skin, they cringe and run away in fear. I did too, but trust me when I say there are definitely misconceptions about oils. In fact, oils can actually help to hydrate, protect, purify and help balance the skin. They also contain concentrated ingredients so a little goes a long way! (P.S. The facial oil actually helped my skin!)

GM Collin Paris Normalizing Travel Kit Skincare Review

GM Collin offers skincare for both men and women from an amazing range from clinical treatments to high quality home care. GM Collin's products are not tested on animals and ingredients are derived from natural plant and marine extracts. Skincare is greatly important for healthy looking skin. GM Collin's water-soluble cleansers help to cleanse the skin and remove eye make-up in one step while also respecting the skin's eco-balance. GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ mild cleansing gel review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ treating mist review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ cream review, GM Collin Paris Normalizing travel kit puractive+ gel nettoyant doux lotion traitante creme review, GM collin paris oily skin normal skincare review, Canadian Beauty blog beauty blogger skincare

Les Soins de Jacynthe Skincare Review

Lately, I've been wanting to refresh my skincare and beauty by looking at more green beauty options. Without any chemicals or artificial preservatives, Les Soins de Jacynthe is 100% natural and contains active products are found in nature from plants and flowers. Not tested on animals and cruelty-free, Les Soins de Jacynthe is a line founded by Jacynthe René that's devoted to help improve your beauty routine while also eliminating any unnecessary chemicals in your life. If you want a little history on my skin, check out My Skin Story. Les Soins de Jacynthe Skincare Review