Clean Beauty Think Dirty July 2017 Subscription Box Contents Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste, Buckaroo Soapberry Suds, Crave Alchemy Oil, 100% Pure Sun Stick SPF30, POGO Balm Vanilla Bean, NIU BODY Makeup Remover Wipe, Cocopits review, Biossance Squalane antioxidant Cleansing Oil review on Dock in Cottage Country

Think Dirty July 2017 Limited Edition Beauty Box Review

Since taking baby steps toward a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, I’ve been choosing different products and making more conscious choices. But, do you ever wonder just how clean some products are? Thanks to Think Dirty, you don’t have to use much brain power! Think Dirty is an app that helps consumers make clean beauty choices. Based on a scale of 0-10, products are rated on the carcinogenity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergenicity and immunotoxicity of the ingredients. The lower the score, the cleaner the product. You can scan your current products or view the extensive database that’s growing every day.

July 2017 Think Dirty Curated Beauty Box

Clean Beauty Think Dirty July 2017 Subscription Box

The Think Dirty Curated Beauty Box ($95 USD) is a partnership with beauty companies with a clean rating of 0-3. This monthly subscription box features clean beauty and lifestyle products. I love subscription boxes and clean beauty has always been an interest to me, so I was definitely excited to receive the Think Dirty July Limited Edition Beauty Box!

Clean Beauty Think Dirty July 2017 Subscription Box Contents Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste, Buckaroo Soapberry Suds, Crave Alchemy Oil, 100% Pure Sun Stick SPF30, POGO Balm Vanilla Bean, NIU BODY Makeup Remover Wipe, Cocopits review, Biossance Squalane antioxidant Cleansing Oil review on Dock in Cottage CountryClick to enlarge

This month, there were a number of products that I was excited about. The July 2017 Think Dirty subscription box contained a number of beauty and lifestyle products, all of which were new to me! These 8 items ranged from facial products, body products as well as lifestyle products.

Let’s dig in to see what’s inside!

Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste

When it comes to natural toothpastes, I’ve only tried a few. I’m used to a paste-like texture and find myself drawn to toothpastes with more of a minty flavour. There are some natural toothpastes that hit the mark, whereas others just need a bit of tweaking in order to for me to enjoy fully. (Still need to get the hang of powdered formulas….)

Davids premium natural toothpaste

Davids premium natural toothpaste ($7.95 USD) is both fluoride free, sulfate free and contains calcium carbonate which provides minor abrasive properties for all you wanting bright pearly whites! This 100% natural toothpaste is cruelty-free (leaping bunny certified!) and also has USA farmed stevia and mint. The metal tube is 100% recyclable (standard plastic tubes aren’t) and the box is made with 100% wind energy and the paper is from forests that are protected by the Forest Stewardship Council which ensures that forests are logged in a sustainable fashion.

Davids premium natural toothpaste

The consistency of the formula is just right: not stringy, sticky or runny. It squeezes from the tube easily and stays on the brush without issue! Plus, it comes with a tube key, which I love, so the entire tube can be used without wasting a drop!

Buckaroo Soapberry Suds

While I like the fresh scents of conventional laundry detergents, Erik sometimes gets a bit sensitive and allergic to them. We’ve been looking at a few natural alternatives that are hypoallergenic and have used soapberries in the past. I didn’t realize there was a powder version available for soapberry laundry detergent, so I was excited to try it out!

Buckaroo Soapberry Suds, Organic Soapberries laundry detergent from Think Dirty Subscription box on white fluffy carpet

Also known as soap nuts (don’t worry, no nuts… it’s actually a berry from a tree!), this sustainable resource is great for those with sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic. The Buckaroo Soapberry Suds ($9.95 USD) are 100% biodegradable as well and use less water than conventional detergent (great for front loading HE washers!). The saponin in the husk of the berry activates in water and attaches to the dirt on clothes. Even after washing the stinkiest of workout clothes, these Soapberry Suds I’m always surprised to see how strong these little natural berries work! Clothes come out from the wash smelling fresh – not artificial!

Crave Alchemy Oil Lux Body Serum

I have a secret: I find it so difficult to apply body lotion. I know I need to because my legs are always so dry it rivals the Sahara Desert, but honestly, it takes so long and is such a chore! I’ve never tried a body serum, so I thought I’d at least give it a try. When I first tried out the body serum, it was a similar texture to a body oil. It was light, fast absorbing and easy to apply.

Crave Alchemy Oil Lux Body Serum

The Crave Alchemy Oil by Crave Skincare ($48 USD) is housed in a beautiful glass bottle complete with pump for easy application. This vegan, cruelty-free formula is preservative free and is a blend of plant-oils that are enhanced with hemp oil infused with CBD. Why is the infusion of cannabidiol (CBD) important? CBD contains a number of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids as well as minerals.

Pro Tip: Omega-3’s are naturally found in hemp oil & provides moisture and protection against the sun (source).

Crave Alchemy Oil Lux Body Serum Oil Swatch

The consistency of the serum is similar to an oil, but is fairly runny. It’s easily applied and is recommended to use after the shower while your skin is still damp. The serum is also a great addition to a bath. In the picture below, I rubbed the Crave Alchemy Oil on the back of my hand to show that there is no shine/greasy look after you rub in the serum. I was happily surprised by this because if you’re like me and always on the go, you need something that’s quick absorbing and won’t stain your clothes!

Crave Alchemy Oil Lux Body Serum Oil SwatchNo greasy shine!

100% Pure Everywhere Sun Stick SPF 30

When it comes to SPF, it’s super important to apply and reapply. Some formulas are super thick whereas others are too watery! That’s where the stick formula comes in handy for both travel and busy people! I took this with me for a weekend at the cottage and was able to apply this easily. The sweat and water resistant formula was helpful since I definitely fell off the canoe a couple times…

100% Pure Sunscreen Everywhere Stick SPF 30

I’m a fan of 100% Pure’s makeup products, but haven’t tried anything else from the line. The Everywhere Sun Stick has an SPF of 30 ($20 USD) and is nice if you’re out and about for parts of the day. The SPF 30 provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and has no fragrance.

100% Pure Sunscreen Everywhere Stick SPF 30 Swatch on white carpet

The formulation of this stick is creamy, rubs in easily, and is also non-comedogenic which is great for my acne prone skin. Many people shy away from physical sunscreens (those with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) because of the white cast that usually accompanies them. Fortunately, I didn’t experience that with this sunscreen was able to blend it into my skin fairly easily to create a smooth finish.

100% Pure Sunscreen Everywhere Stick SPF 30 Swatch on white carpetWhite streak gone!

Pogo Lip Balm by Eco Lips in True Vanilla Bean

I’m always on the search for the best lip balm! Ever since I went on Accutane, story here, I feel like my lips are perpetually dry. From salves to DIY’s, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect lip product that’s both heavy duty and convenient.

I haven’t heard of POGO lip balm before Think Dirty, but I was interested when I saw the flavour: “true vanilla bean”. How true is it? Well, this little organic balm smells amazing and is made with 20% fair trade certified ingredients to boot! Reminiscent of a vanilla sugar cookie, it glides on smoothly and is Non-GMO Project Verified Certified.

The packaging of Pogo is a little bit similar to a popular conventional lip balm, but Pogo is made with organic hemp seed oil which contains 80% essential fatty acid which is actually the highest amount of any other plant. This balm also contains omega-3, -6 and -9 from the oil which helps to keep the lips healthy.

Throughout the day, I might have to apply this one every few hours but I’ve noticed that it does last longer than my regular lip balm. Definitely one step closer to finding the perfect lip balm!

NIU BODY Makeup Remover Wipes for Normal Skin

Makeup removal can sometimes be fairly tedious and I more often than not, sit on the couch while watching T.V. and remove my makeup with a wipe. I never thought about the ingredients in my conventional wipes, but have used coconut oil in the past for a speedy removal of makeup.

NIU BODY Makeup Remover Wipes for Normal Skin product on white fluffy carpet

NIU BODY is a Canadian brand based in Toronto. All of their products are natural, vegan and made with coconut oil (“niu” means coconut in Hawaiian!). This little sample pack from the Think Dirty box contains 2 wipes no larger than a cotton round ($1.67 USD). Each round is textured and has a light scent.

NIU BODY Makeup Remover Wipe out of package for Normal Skin product on white fluffy carpet

On a light makeup day, one round can definitely remove all of my makeup but reusing the wipe multiple times caused the round to pill and disintegrate. These are great for travel, but may not be the best if you wear a full face of makeup.

Cocopits All Natural Deodorant

I’m not familiar with too many natural deodorants and have been wary of trying them out. Used to stick deodorants, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about grabbing product with my fingers (or the mini wood spatula given) and applying. Since this is coconut oil, will it stain my clothes? Will it feel sticky?

The cocopits formula is coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate based (baking soda) and is in the scent “Unicorn”. The scent was formulated by Cocopits ($4 USD) to appeal to teens, tweens and kids 8+ and has citrus scents such as tangerine, grapefuit and key lime. It has a light scent, nothing overly sweet or citrusy which is nice as it doesn’t linger.

Cocopits Natural Deodorant Coconut Oil Unicorn Review

As a preliminary swatch, I thought I’d test it out on the back of my hand since I was afraid of it ruining my clothes. Thankfully, after rubbing in the formula, it dries matte! There is still a slight light scent and the texture is slightly gritty, but it’s not enough to be noticed. (Also, no stress of staining clothes!)

Wow, no greasy film!

Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil

When I don’t get a lash lift done, I am all about cleansing oils. They help make makeup removal a breeze and don’t feel stripping on my face either. I’ve used cleansing oils in my skincare routine before and love that this brand is rated 0 on Think Dirty’s app.

Plant derived Squalane antioxidant cleansing oil Biossance Sephora skincare on white fluffy carpet

The Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil ($30 USD), formerly known as “The Purifier”, literally dissolves my makeup. It’s also available at Sephora! Like all cleansing oils though, I always follow up with a regular cleanser to get rid of any residue. The Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil does not contain any fragrance and is great for those with sensitive skin. After combining the cleansing oil with water, it turns milky and cleans off nicely. This is definitely a great addition to your skincare routine if you’re looking for a plant-based oil cleanser.

Plant derived Squalane antioxidant cleansing oil Biossance Sephora skincare swatch on white fluffy carpet

Overall, the box includes 8 hand-picked products and is said to have a $180+ USD value. I’ve included a quick retail value price with each mini review and totaled up the items to $125.56 USD. Since the box is being priced at $95 USD, this is great since you get to save!

For even more of an incentive to purchase the Think Dirty July Limited Edition Beauty Box, I was able to get a coupon code for you to save $5 off your next purchase, totaling the July box to $90 USD! Just enter code JENNY5OFF at checkout! Honestly, the Crave Alchemy Oil alone is $48 USD so with the addition of 7 more items, it’s a really great deal to try clean beauty!

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