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Urban Oreganics Review + Coupon Code!

I’m excited about this blog post because it gives you guys a chance to try something that I absolutely fell in love with! Urban Oreganics is a 100% natural, vegan skincare line which features organic and gluten-free products. I tried out 3 things from the line: Facial Mask in “Refresh”, Cleansing Grains in “Refresh” and a Beet Tinted Lip Butter. Keep reading to see what I think of the products and to get your own coupon code so you can try your own Urban Oreganics picks!

For HQ photos, click on the picture! Mask is 2 oz, Cleansing grains is 8 oz, lip butter is 0.5 oz. Prices are on the Urban Oreganics website!

Urban Oreganics Mask Desc My first impressions of the mask were that the powder was so finely milled that it gave it a velvety and soft texture. I also liked how Emily (the founder of Urban Oreganics) included a mini wooden spatula to go with the mask for easy scooping. The mask was easy to mix and the matcha smell was delightful.

Due to the 3 clay mix, (Kaolin Clay, Clay Mask IngredientsBentonite Clay & French Green Clay) the mask is very detoxifying and firming. The clay brought blood to the skins surface, thus promoting circulation in the skin which made me a little pinkish afterwards. The mask did not sting, but was very relaxing to use. Can be mixed with any liquids for additional detoxifying properties! My favourite product of the bunch!Urban Oreganics Clay MaskUrban Oreganics Clay Mask

Urban Oreganics Cleansing Grains DirectionsThe next product I purchased is the cleanser called Cleansing Grains. The “Refresh” formula is part of the anti-aging green tea line and although I’m not worried about fine lines just yet, I’m obsessed with matcha which is what drew me to the cleanser. First impressions of the cleansing grains were that it cleans quite well! I was pleasantly surprised as I’ve never used a dry cleanser before. While cleansing, it’s quite exfoliating which is a nice feeling but at the same time not harsh. My only concerns with the cleansing grains is that I had to be careful when washing it off as some pieces were still stuck to my face. After a few uses, I realized I could combat this by washing the grains off with a muslin cloth which has helped significantly! My skin feels so much softer after having used this continuously for a week and I feel like I’ll be making the switch from liquids to dry cleansers for the summer!Urban Oreganics Cleansing GrainsUrban Oregasnics Cleansing Grains

Urban Oreganics Lip ButterLast but not least, I wanted to dabble in some vegan beauty. That’s where the beet lip and cheek tint comes in! My first impressions of beet lip butter were that the colour payoff was very sheer and in my opinion, there wasn’t enough pigmentation to be called tinted. Other than the colour aspect, the lip butter is very moisturizing with a buttery smooth application. I also like how instead of twisting the tube in order to get more product (because we all know how well those work…) the lip butter is packaged in a push up container which works much better!

Urban Oreganics Lip Butter

Okay, so now that you all have got the low down on Urban Oreganics… you want them for yourself, right? Emily was nice enough to give my readers 20% off on your purchase through the month of May! Use code “JB200” for 20% off and let me know what you purchased!

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