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Why use Green Beauty?

Over the past few years, I’ve started noticing that all-natural products are slowly showing up everywhere. So many people I know are turning to a more natural approach to their lifestyle: being more aware of what they put in/on their body, exercising more and taking better care of their health. In a world of fast and immediate, it’s sometimes hard to understand why people are taking it slow by taking a step back from their hectic lives. Why natural? Here’s a few reasons that I’ve dabbled in the world of clean living…

I was just finishing up high school when I first started to care more about my health. Throughout the four years, I had a steady routine: stay up late to finish my homework (that I didn’t start until 7pm), wake up minutes before I absolutely had to, skip breakfast, go to class, come home, eat junk food and do it all again. This rut actually caused me to balloon in weight and it was then that I was at my heaviest. Although I was never considered obese, I didn’t enjoy the weight gain and had slowly stopped swimming, playing soccer and going outside. Slowly, I found that my skin was getting much worse (which is why I actually went on a second round of Accutane, see my skin diary here) and I had to get new clothes to fit my frame.

This was like an awakening for me.

I took a good hard look at myself in the mirror and realized that I was not happy. I started to eat healthier (less cookies, more fruit) and exercising more (less driving, more walking). Although I didn’t have as drastic a change in weight, I noticed a major difference in my skin. I had fewer and fewer breakouts and my skin was less oily.

If eating more healthy is changing my skin, why not change what I’m putting ON my skin?

Makes sense, right? That’s exactly why I started using more natural and organic products and stepped away from the synthetics. I’m still taking baby steps in a more green and natural lifestyle and haven’t made the full transition yet. I’m still working on my self and living a healthier life. If you’re interested in reading reviews on a more natural lifestyle or green beauty, each post is tagged for you!

Let’s go on a wellness journey together and help each other be our healthiest!